CPCCBC5003 Supervise the Planning of on-site Building and Construction Work

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Assessment Task 1 - Knowledge Assessment

Preliminary Task

Questions 1 and 11 of this Knowledge Assessment requires you to refer to the building and construction requirements and laws of your state/territory.

For your assessor’s reference, indicate below which state/territory you are currently based or located in by ticking the box that corresponds to your answer.

When answering Questions 1 and 11, you must refer to the building and construction requirements and laws of the state/territory you ticked below.

1.     Access and review the Fair Work Act 2009 and answer the questions below.
i.      Identify one industrial law in your state/territory that is not excluded by the Fair Work Act 2009.
ii.    According to the Fair Work Act 2009, what are all the circumstances where adverse action is taken against a contractor who has already been engaged?a.





2.     The Building Code of Australia is divided into three volumes. Briefly describe the scope of each volume.
i.      Volume One
ii.    Volume Two
iii.   Volume Three
3.     Briefly explain when the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016 will apply to contractors.
4.          Access and review the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 and answer the following questions.
i.      What is this document?
ii.    How can you apply this standard in general building and construction work?
5.     In accordance with the National Employment Standards (NES), list the minimum entitlements of all employees under each standard listed below.
National Employment Standards Entitlements
i.         Annual leave
ii.       Personal leave (sick or carer’s leave)
iii.     Maximum hours of work
iv.     Public holidays
6.     Listed below are different types of construction contracts in Australia. When is each contract used or necessary?
Types of contracts When is it used or necessary?
i.         Residential contracts
ii.       Commercial contracts
iii.     Subcontractor agreements
iv.     Lump-sum contracts
7.          Answer the following questions Australian Building Industry Contracts (ABIC).
i.      What are Australian Building Industry Contracts (ABIC)?
ii.    Identify the two bodies who publish ABIC contracts.a.
iii.  List four features of Australian Building Industry Contracts (ABIC).a.



iv.  Differentiate an Australian Building Industry – ABIC Simple Works (SW) contract from an Australian Building Industry – ABIC Major Works (SW) contract, by explaining what each is for.The Australian Building Industry – ABIC SW contract is for:

While the Australian Building Industry – ABIC MW contract is for:

v.    List five things the MW contract provides/covers which the SW contract does not.a.




8.     Briefly explain how employees and contractors differ from one another in each area listed below.
Areas of difference How employees and contractors differ
i.      Work hours
ii.    Tools and equipment
iii.   Payment method
iv.   Paid leaves
9.          List down three human resources principles that must be upheld in the workplace.
 10.     List down five human resources best practices as proposed by Jeffrey Pfeffer.
 11.     Answer the following questions about license requirements for building and construction contractors.
i.      What government service can you use to identify relevant licence requirements that you must comply with?
ii.    Identify all the main types of builder licenses available in your state/territory.
 12.     Answer the following questions about materials management in construction.
i.      Briefly describe what materials management is.
ii.    What is the purpose of materials management?
 13.     Answer the following questions about temporary site facilities.
i.      List down the three considerations that a PCBU must consider when deciding whether a temporary site facility is required.a.


ii.    According to the National Construction Code of Australia, what are the two reasons when one unisex toilet may be provided in a workplace with both male and female workers?a.


 14.     Using the table below, briefly describe each of the following temporary services found in a construction site.
Temporary Service Description
i.      Temporary electric pole
ii.    Water tapping
iii.   Site telephones
iv.   Seepage barriers
v.     Temporary fencing
 15.     Answer the following questions about construction planning.
i.      Briefly explain what construction planning is.
ii.    Briefly explain one benefit of construction planning.
iii.   List down three elements of construction planning.a.



iv.   Briefly explain what milestones are in the context of construction planning.
v.     Briefly explain what critical events are in the context of construction planning.
 16.     Listed below are different processes under the construction planning process. Briefly describe each of the processes in the space provided in the table.
Construction Planning Process Description
i.      Resource Planning
ii.    Procurement Planning
 17.     Answer the following questions about project scheduling.
i.      Briefly explain what project scheduling is.
ii.    Briefly explain what the critical path method is.
iii.   What is the importance of good scheduling?
iv.   Differentiate resource-oriented scheduling technique from time-oriented scheduling technique, by explaining what each is for.Resource oriented scheduling technique is for:

While time-oriented scheduling technique is for:

 18.     Using the table below, briefly describe each of the following types of schedules used in construction planning.
Type of Schedule Description
i.      Look-ahead schedule
ii.    As-built schedule
iii.   Mock schedule


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