CPCCBC5009 Assessment Task 1 - Knowledge Assessment

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Assessment Task 1 - Knowledge Assessment

Question 1: Answer the following questions
1.1. Discuss the current WHS Acts and regulations that the construction company must comply with. Write your answer in 100-150 words.
1.2. What are safety codes of practice in construction? Write your answer in 30-40 words.
1.3. Explain the purpose of the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards in 50-100 words.
1.4. What are the requirements for compliance and conformance according to National Construction Code (NCC)? Write your answer in 30-50 words.
1.5.  What is the Australian standards for environmental protection and biodiversity conservation and what is the purpose of the environmental protection and biodiversity conservation act 1999?
Question 2: Answer the following questions
2.1. Explain the key features of project plans for construction work in 50-100 words.
2.2. Explain the purpose of the following plans and specifications in 40-80 words each.a)         Site Plan

b)        Floor Plan

c)         Cross Section

d)        Elevation

e)        Finishing drawings

Question 3: Answer the following questions
3.1. What are the organisation’s workplace safety policies and procedures? Why do we need them? Write your answer in 200-250 words.Question 3: Answer the following questions
3.2. What are the workplace safety requirements to manage risks in construction work? Write your answer in 100-150 words.
3.3. What are the WHS workplace reporting requirements for the designer of a structure? Write your answer in 70-120 words.
Question 4: Explain the purpose of manufacturer specifications and installation instructions in 100-150 words.
Question 5: Answer the following questions
5.1. Discuss the properties, characteristics and limitations of products and components specified in column 1 of the table.

Products and components Properties (Two) Characteristics (Two) Limitations (Two)
Single stage pump    
Multistage pump    
Heat pump    
5.2. Explain the following properties of building materials in 150-200 words.a)         Fire resistance of building materials

b)        Strength of building materials

c)         Elasticity of building materials

Question 6: Outline the service installation terminology and definitions given in column 1 of the table.
Terminology Explanation
Grid Iron System
Ring System
Balancing storage
Fire Storage
Question 7: Answer the following questions
7.1 What is single and two-stage pumping for multi-function and single function? Write the applications of single and multi-stage pumping in 200-300 words.
7.2. What are the basic principles of tank storage supply relative to the public water supply and reservoir heights?
7.3. Explain any four (4) distribution system which helps to supply water at reservoir height in buildings in 200-300 words
7.4 Explain the town supply procedure of water distribution in 100-200 words.
Question 8: Answer the following questions
8.1. What is graded or vertical discharge pipes? What common material is used for graded discharge pipes? Write your answer in 70-120 words.
8.2. What are inspection shafts and overflow relief gullies (ORGs)? How to inspect overflow relief gullies? Write your answer in 100-200 words.
8.3. Discuss the local authority sewerage drainage system in Victoria? Write your answer in 100-200 words.
8.4. What is a septic or biochemical treatment unit? How does it work? Write your answer in 150-230 words.
Question 9: Answer the following questions
9.1. Explain the following types of Air Conditioning Systems in 200-300 words.a)         Window Air Conditioners

b)        Ducted Air Conditioning

9.2. What is air distribution in enclosed parks? Discuss the mechanical ventilation requirements for enclosed car parks? Write your answer in 200-300 words
9.3. What is air filtration? Explain air filters, ducting and main filter types. Write your answer in 200-300 words
9.4. Describe the benefits of mechanical ventilation in 100-150 words
Question 10: Answer the following questions
10.1. What is a hot water system? What is the area to be serviced? Write your answer in 100-200 words.
10.2. What types of energy sources are available for hot water systems? Write your answer in 200-250 words.
10.3. According to Australian standards, what is the hot water system's height for installation? Write your answer in 50-70 words.
10.4. What are the factors on which the number of outlets for the hot water system depends? Write your answer in 50-70 words.
10.5. Discuss the type of occupancy for a hot water system in Australian buildings and for new home alteration in Australia in 100-200 words.
10.6. Explain 2 types of hot water systems in 100-200 words.
Question 11: Answer the following questions
11.1. What is emergency lighting? What are the compliant requirements of lighting? List the Australian standards for emergency lighting in 100-150 words.
11.2. What is natural and artificial lighting in buildings? Write your answer in 50-100 words.
Question 12: Answer the following questions
12.1. What are electronic cabling factors? Write access for maintenance, repair and extension of electronic cabling? What are the preventive measures before installation? Write your answer in 200-300 words.
12.2. Explain the following categories of electronic cabling. write each of the following in 200-300 wordsa)              Data

b)             Lift controls

c)              Power supplies

d)             Telecommunications

Question 13: Draw the layout of computers and telephones with a diagram
Question 14: Answer the following questions
14.1. What are the safeguards against electrical hazards? Write your answer in 200-300 words.
14.2. Explain what PAT TESTING Is

Explain what CCTV and security systems are

Describe what Smoke and fire detection systems are


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