CPCCBC5019 Manage Building and Construction Business Finances - Assessment Task 2

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Assessment Task 2 – Major Project

Candidate Instructions

The Major Project Assessment is a set of tasks that must be completed in a simulated environment.

Access the project file for CPCCBC5019 in the Parker Brent Portal and complete the following tasks.

This assessment will help you demonstrate skill requirements relevant to managing building and construction business finances.

Preliminary Assessment Information

The tasks in this Major Project must be completed in a simulated environment and in the context of a building and construction project which you are currently a part of.E.g. You are a builder, a site manager in training, foreperson, or an apprentice in this project, etc.

Please approach your Trainer for further assistance on accessing the resources required for this assessment.

Before starting the project assessment, record the following information for your assessor’s reference.

When completing the tasks in this project ensure that your responses and performance must align with the information you have provided below.

For example (but not limited to):

·      If the task asks you to refer to building and construction legislation and regulatory requirements, refer to the requirements that apply to the state/territory where your nominated building and construction project is undertaken.

·      If the task requires you to follow organisational policies and procedures, refer to the policies and procedures in your nominated organisation/workplace.

       1.            Identify three building and construction legislation relevant in the state/territory where your nominated project is being undertaken and provide one of the objects of each legislation.
Title of the Legislation Object
      2.            Identify three building and construction regulations relevant in the state/territory where your nominated project is being undertaken and provide the objective of each.
Name of the Regulation Objective
       3.            Access and review the Project file of the nominated project and:i.           Identify two operational requirements in the project

ii.         Provide your basis for each requirement identified (i.e. from which terms or specifications in the contract did you base your response)

Operational requirements are defined in the context of this assessment as those requirements that concern the inner workings of the business and which must be satisfied in the conduct of its operations (i.e. providing construction services). It answers the question, ‘what resources will the business need in order to complete the construction project?’

Industry Expert Description
ii.            Product                                   Desccription
       4.            Answer the following questions about the business requirements of a building and construction business.
i.         What must be lodged with Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) by public companies?
ii.       What would a business need to lodge with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) if the business makes payments to sub-contractors?
iii.     Is a company, operating as building and construction business, required to register for an Australian Business Number (ABN)?
       5.            Identify three areas of the business where you will need to seek expert advice and assistance in managing business finances.Give two specialised skills that you can associate with the professionals practising in those business areas you have identified.
Business Area Specialised Skills
       6.            Listed below are three of your responsibilities in managing the finances of the business.Identify one subject matter that you should know of in order to be competent in fulfilling each of the responsibilities listed below.
Responsibilities Subject matter to be knowledgeable about
i.         Monitor financial health of the business
ii.       Review business finances against project budgets
iii.     Introduce options to improve the financial position of the business
       7.            Listed below are three of your obligations to external stakeholders in relation with your role in managing business finances.Identify one activity that you should do in relation to each of the obligations listed below
Obligations Activity to Perform in Relation to the Obligation
i.         Ensure that the business lodge tax returns on time
ii.       Ensure that the business is compliant with the recordkeeping requirements set out in relevant tax laws


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