Critical Review

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Critical Review

The aim of the easy is to critically appraise two selected research articles to determine that the articles could be included in further research according to the PICOT question. The purpose of this critical appraisal to determine the effectiveness of the lifestyle interventions on the prevention of gestational diabetes in pregnant women who are at the risk of developing gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. Two studies will be selected after using the keywords appropriate to the PICOT and then the studies will be critically appraised by using the PEDro scale to determine the quality of the articles. In the end, a conclusion will be made. 

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is associated with an increase in glucose level during the pregnancy without the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus before the pregnancies (Gilbert et al., 2019). In GDM body either becomes sensitive to the insulin or does not produce enough insulin to manage hyperglycemia (Song et al., 2016). Usually, GDM resolves after giving birth but researches also show that it can leave adverse effects to the mother and child before, during, and after the birth of the child (Guo et al., 2018). The adverse effects due to GDM include macrosomia, neonatal hypo/hyperglycemia, child obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and primary Caesarean delivery. GDM is also associated with the risk for development of the type 2 diabetes mellitus in mothers (Chiefari et al., 2017). 

Dietary control, change in physical activities and other lifestyle modifications help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus in the mothers after giving birth and other child-related abnormalities like macrosomia, overweight, hypo/hyperglycemia and others (Rönö et al., 2018). However, there’s limited evidence about the effectiveness of the lifestyle interventions in the prevention of the GDM during pregnancy. More research has been required to determine the effectiveness of modification of the lifestyle for prevention of the GDM development in pregnant women. 

PICOT Question and Search Terms

PICOT question for this essay is to determine the effect of the lifestyle interventions in the prevention of gestational diabetes mellitus in pregnant women. The search terms used for this research were gestational diabetes, lifestyle, interventions, modifications, prevention, physical activity, diet, and randomized control trial. Web of Science, Cochrane Library, Ovid, PubMed, and JAVA databases were used to search the research articles utilizing the above keywords. For the sake of this essay, only two articles were selected by matching the search criteria and search terms with the topic of the articles. The first article to be selected was (Koivusalo et al., 2016) and the second article selected was (Wang et al., 2015). Details of these two selected articles are given in table 1.

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