CSE5003 Professional Competency Assessment

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This assignment aims to prepare you comprehensively for job applications in your field of study by enhancing your LinkedIn profile, simulating the application process, and preparing for behavioural interviews. You will identify a relevant job advertisement, create a targeted CV, write a cover letter, develop responses to potential interview questions, and optimize your LinkedIn profile to showcase your professional brand effectively.


Part 1:

LinkedIn Profile Enhancement:

  • Profile Picture and Background Photo: Upload a professional profile picture. Add a relevant background photo.
  • Headline:

Write a compelling and concise headline.

  • Summary:

Craft a summary (3-5 paragraphs) highlighting your professional journey, key skills, and passions. Use industry-relevant keywords.

  • Experience:

List relevant work experiences with clear descriptions of roles and achievements.

  • Education:

Update your educational background, including degrees, institutions, and relevant certifications.

  • Skills:

Add at least 10 skills relevant to your profession.

Endorse the skills of your connections and seek endorsements.

  • Accomplishments:

Include Publications, Projects, Honors & Awards, and Volunteer Experience.

  • Engagement:

Follow at least 10 companies or influencers relevant to your industry.

  • Networking:

Connect with at least 20 new professionals in your field, personalizing connection requests.

Part 2:

Job Application (CV and Cover Letter):

  • Find a job advertisement suitable for a graduate in your field of study from LinkedIn, Seek, Indeed, etc.
  • Keep a copy of the advertisement for
  • Prepare a one-page CV tailored to the job advertisement, aligning with the key skills and selection criteria.
  • Write a cover letter addressing the job The cover letter should:
    • Be personalized to the job and
    • Highlight your qualifications and experiences relevant to the
    • Explain why you are interested in the position and how you can contribute to the company.

Part 3:

Behavioural Interview Question Responses:

  • Create a behavioural interview question based on the job advertisement's key selection criteria or responsibilities.
  • Prepare a detailed response using the STAR/SCAR framework (Situation, Task, Action, Result/Context, Action, Result).


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