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A prospective client would like to obtain your architectural services to design a new home on their newly purchased plot of land in Green Bay, Auckland.

At the meeting that you have arranged in your office, you introduce them to your company and show them examples of your previously completed projects. They are impressed with your work and design approach and would like you to design their new home.

Their overall budget for this infill house is $750,000 including the costs for site preparations. According to their timeline, they plan to start the construction on site in four months and move into the house within eight months from the commencement of construction.

Client brief

The clients provide you with the following brief with their main requirements and inspiration photographs of the design styles they prefer. They also give an approximate idea of the site.

The clients are a family of four including two teenage kids. They have extended family that visits them often during the holidays. The family loves the outdoors, and they have a lot of outdoor gear that they use frequently.

The clients want the house to be well insulated to keep the heating costs at a minimum and to have ample sun access during winter. Also, they are keen to have a sunroom adjacent to the dining area.

Their requirements are:

  • four bedrooms including the guest bedroom
  • two bathrooms and ensuite for master bedroom
  • open plan family room, dining, and kitchen
  • a separate living room
  • a small home office space
  • a laundry and storage room closer to the garage
  • two car garaging and space for one additional car
  • bike storage with charging points
  • a deck or a patio with access to mid-day/evening sun with a BBQ

Site details

The site is in Green Bay, Auckland in the ‘Mixed housing urban Zone’ in the very high wind zone.

The section is approximately 500 m2 and has a 2-3 m slope.

1.    The Project brief and architectural services proposal Tasks:

  1. Based on the client brief, prepare a draft project brief for the above project that covers:
    • the client's requirements with an outline design guide
    • a review of the project scope against the budget and timeline (for both design and construction)
    • regulatory constraints of the
  1. Draft an outline of contract of engagement that includes only the following:
    • architectural scope of work and deliverables
    • project timeline
    • indication of services from other consultants that may be required in the

(35 marks)

2.       Site requirements and constraints Task:

Prepare a site plan for the project. The plan can be CAD or hand drawn, with a 1:100 scale on A3 paper.

  • To complete this task, you will need to access a site near you resembling the one in Green Bay, with approximately 500 m2 and has a 2-3m This can be:
    • the site of your current home
    • a site of a friend or whanau
    • a nearby park or public area, or part of
  • All the relevant physical and environmental conditions around your chosen site

need to be applied for the design.

  • Use local authority or land information websites to gather the relevant site topography
  • Only the regulatory constraints relevant to Green Bay need to be applied to the site you measure.
  • Your site plan must incorporate:
    • site dimensions
    • contours
    • all the physical and environmental characteristics including existing Take photos, sketches and measurements of the chosen site to show the environmental and physical characteristics (for example, trees, existing buildings, natural reserves and so on)
    • relevant regulatory details (for example, setbacks/buildable areas)
    • any noticeable service (for example, stormwater, wastewater and so on) connections marked on the site plan
    • sun path and winter and summer sun charts
    • a minimum of three cross-sections through the site showing regulatory constraints and

(40 marks)

3.    Regulations and district plan Task:

Write a brief description of the regulatory requirements that are relevant to your project according to:

  • The Resource Management Act 1991
  • The District Plan (relevant to Green Bay, Auckland).

(25 marks)

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