DAT102 Preliminary Design Task 1

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Task 1: Project design report

You are to prepare a project design report for approval by the client. Refer to the project brief for client requirements, purchaser’s requirements, district plan, climate zone and site information.


This report is your opportunity to show the client your research, findings and the basis for your conclusions and recommendations.


Your report should follow the following broad structure and include:

  • introduction and overview of project
  • content and findings
  • conclusions and recommendations


The content of your report should include:

  • the client’s requirements
  • site requirements in terms of the district plan
  • site services available – foul water, stormwater, water, electricity, data
  • code compliance considerations, in particular:

B Stability (3604) D Access

G1 Personal hygiene G4 Ventilation

G5 Interior environment G7 Natural light

  • Environmental factors:

Climate – Sun, wind, rain, temperature Location and orientation of the building

Design for thermal comfort – insulation, ventilation, glazing, thermal mass Climate zones – wind, exposure, earthquake, rainfall intensity

  • Sustainability:
    • Water and treatment of wastewater
    • Biodiversity
    • Toxicity of materials
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy-efficient appliances and lighting
  • Dealing with condensation and internal moisture
  • Site features
  • Recommended landscaping
  • Illustrations
  • Membership with NZGBC

Using CAD software or drawing by hand, include the following illustrations with your report.

  • Sketch of the site (site analysis drawing). As a minimum requirement, the following is to be shown:
    • legal description of the building
    • north direction
    • building location, including dimensions in metres to boundary and boundary fire ratings
    • contour levels and datum for site
    • location of services (existing and proposed)
    • excavation details (including retaining walls, if any)
    • identify vehicle crossing
    • vehicular movement inside the site
  • Sketch of the buildable envelope for the site (district plan requirements). As a minimum requirement, the following is to be shown:
    • all exterior elevations
    • overall height of dwelling
    • external doors and windows with opening direction
    • cladding types
    • roofing types
    • gutter, downpipes and vent locations
    • location of construction joints

(Word count guideline: 1500 to 2000 words)

(60 marks)

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