DAT102 - Task 2: Preliminary Drawings

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Task 2: Preliminary drawings


You are to prepare the following drawings for the project building using approved CAD software at a scale of 1:100 on A3 sheets:

  • Part 1: Site and floor plan
  • Part 2: Section
  • Part 3: Elevations

Refer to the project brief for client requirements, purchaser’s requirements, district plan,

climate zone and site information.

These are preliminary drawings only, for approval by your supervisor. It is important that the building geometry is correct and the spaces are labelled. It is also important that the room layout is functional and meets the brief. Select suitable lettering for the title. Show the north point, and add colour to highlight important areas. Add furniture and fixtures to render the plan.

Once marked, these drawings (with feedback from your lecturer), are effectively the approval for you to prepare the more detailed presentation drawings required for Assessments 2 and 3. For this assessment, you will be marked on the appropriateness of your design, the accuracy of drawing and compliance with the brief and regulatory information provided.

You may not be able to meet the scheduled accommodation sizes exactly, but you should endeavour to match them as closely as possible. Note that the bubble diagram provided with the project brief is not to scale or proportion.


Create the drawings using approved CAD software.

Export your drawings from CAD to .pdf format and submit your drawings.

(40 marks)

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