Data Structure and Algorithms

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The objective is to design a layout for part of a hospital management system (digital) which will keep track of the information on doctors, nurses and patients in the hospital. The purpose of doing so is consolidation of data, ensuring the integrity of data and reducing inconsistent data (such as duplicate copies).


Hospital Management System can help in making many standard procedures seamless by improving flow of work rate by minimizing the time of information flow between various departments along with better administration control, improved patient care, and reducing the total paperwork.

Variables, Ranges and Keys


We will be using the data structure “Array” throughout the classes as it is easy to complete the operations required for our system later on as you will see. (Chowdhury & Khosla, 2007)

In order to accommodate for the doctors, nurses, and patients we will create respective classes for each of them – the classes being Doctor, Nurse, and Patients respectively. With each of them having the attribute for their unique ids:

  • Doctor_id – Specific ID appointed to a doctor by the system at the time of entry in the system.
  • Nurse_id – Specific ID appointed to a nurse by the system at the time of entry in the system.
  • Patient_Id – Specific ID appointed to a patient by the system at the time of entry in the system.

Along with ids each class will also have a common attribute of name:

  • Doctor_name
  • Nurse_name
  • Patient_name

Now, discussing attributes that only the doctor class will have these include (besides Doctor_id and Doctor_name):

  • Doctor_specialization – The field of expertise of the doctor; for example dermatologist.
  • Doctor_schedule – The days and the time when the doctor will be available for appointments or walk-ins for the patients.

As for the class of Nurse, we further require the attribute:

  • Nurse_shift – This includes the schedule and shifts that the nurse covers in the hospital.

Finally for the class of patients we can have many attributes to help better manage our system, but for now we will only consider the essential ones (besides the ones already mentioned). These are:

  • Patient_illness – The problem or the disease that the patient is facing.

Furthermore, the patient will inherit the Doctor_id (the doctor appointed to the patient) as well as the Nurse_id (if one is appointed or required).

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