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Decision making requires knowledge about the problem at hand. The knowledge comes from the information that can be used to solve the problem , while information is processed through the availability of the relevant data. The art of decision making lies in the connectedness and understanding of each of these phenomena. For example whether I should use Uber or commute by driving my own vehicle is a decision that I make on daily basis. The availability of vehicle , my schedule for the day and the difference between vehicle expense and Uber fare is the information at hand which I use to solve my commuting problem , therefore it becomes my knowledge in making a wise decision. This is can be visually described through:

Making major decision in last couple of weeks

During this ongoing course of education , I have been switching jobs, mainly due to nature of jobs and time constraints, which I face differently each semester. This phase is very crucial for me because I have to study and do the job at the same time. Since, mostly I was doing odd jobs so it was easier switching jobs, however with the progressing time it is now important for me to find job which is more proximate to my qualification and my future prospect. In the past few days I have given many interviews and got a call from few organizations. Some of them are lucrative in terms of higher remuneration, though they are not promising in terms of promotion and long term growth. On the other hands few offers are not as financially rewarding but they come with better changes of professional growth and creation of better professional profile. I am still in the process of making my final decision, however I have shortlisted by options and to my understanding my approach so far has been conceptual in nature. I say this because regarding this specific decision my outlook is very broad , I have worked on many alternatives and I am not being myopic about my decision, instead I analysed my alternative for long term success and sustainability. Finally, I am in search of a creative solution which can help be balance my financial needs and my long run success professionally. Overall if I look my style , I would say that I have been rational decision maker , because I used data and facts about organizations to shortlist my set of final few choices (Sadler-Smith & Shefy, 2004).  I found whether they have tall or short hierarchy, I analysed, compared and contrasted the ages of their senior management to look at the scope of promotion in each of the alternatives, I looked for their mean increment each year for looking how financially lucrative each option is and I also looked at their financial performances over few years to deduce how secure these organizations are from the financial perspective.

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