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Digitalization has allowed mankind to shift from paper and ink to assembling and collecting data and its digital form. Not only this mode of collecting information is easy to use but also easy to organise. The event management industry is no stranger to using technology for its efficacy. Lore (2019) expands on how online ticketing and registration work on eliminating fraud and black sale of tickets by coming up with unique barcodes that refresh every time a ticket is issued. Employing chat bots in the event planning industry has made the entire customer interaction haul speedy and less exhaustive (Arnold 2019). AI- based chat bots are hence gaining incredible popularity with every passing day.

Psychon (2011) also opines that event management may seem as a fluid, registration only process while in actuality it’s a lot trickier.She explains that the use of software to conduct online meetings allows event planning to be more precise as there is no fear of losing or missing out on the information. Smart meetings have made it easier for employers as well to assign work to employees. Hoersch (2019) talks about smart and digitised venues  by which she means venue setups which allow for an improved interaction between event planning teams and venue providers for better, effective venue planning strategies. 

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