EDEC461 Pedagogy of Relationships in Early Childhood

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A letter to an employer’
1. An employer has asked you to present a written statement that outlines your ethical and professional responsibilities in the relationships with diverse families. The job description requires from candidates to foster collaborative partnerships with families and communities, and the employer wants you to elaborate on this, with a particular emphasis on your knowledge of the National and state policies. The employer understands that it is your first job, and you may not have enough work experience, but wants to know what ethical and value-based considerations you have made so far, and how you have arrived at them.

  1. The Centre welcomes children who live with a disability. The centre is in the area that attracts first generation immigrants. The position is for an Early childhood Teacher. The employer wants you to expand on your ethical professional (emerging) position, which refers to principles of communication as well. The employer wants to know how you see yourself in partnerships the centre has developed and future partnerships the Centre might gain.
  2. The employer wants a personalised statement but well informed, and with evidence of what reflective work you have done to be where you are now.

Academic expectations:
• use All essential Reading from weeks 1-4
• When referring to the reading, make sure you explain how YOU understand the reading and how it relates to the 'VALUE' work you did during in the last five weeks of the semester.
• APA referencing style Font Number 12 (minimum)
• 1.5 spacing (minimum)
• Indicate the final word limit at the end of the essay


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