EDME358 Primary Mathematics 2A: Space, Measurement and Number

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Assessment Description

Design a sequence of activities using a developmental teaching framework that uses ICT as a teaching tool in the Space / Geometry strand. It is essential that your design adopts assessment for, as and of learning techniques. The sequence of activities should range over one week with five 60 minute maths lessons, with each lesson commencing with a 10 to 15 minute "Number Talk" before the 45 to 50 minute main part of the lesson addressing Space / Geometry.   It is not essential for the "Number Talk" part of the lesson to relate to the Geometry aspect of each lesson.     "Number Talks" are a short routine that help students develop number sense through mental maths and explaining their reasoning, and may be quite separate to the main focus of each lesson, with this being Space / Geometry.

The assignment, to be presented fully in landscape orientation (this is a better fit to a computer monitor screen, and the assignment will be marked electronically), should include a short introduction (one page or 150 to 300 words is suggested) outlining the concepts to be covered and specific teaching aspects such as expected prerequisite knowledge.   You should also include at least six sources/references and cite throughout the assignment.  Any activities derived from a source should be cited appropriately, with APA 7th edition guidelines to be followed.   It is not essential for every lesson to incorporate the use of ICT, but it is required that ICT resources be utilised in at least some of the Space / Geometry activities, to expand curriculum learning opportunities for students.

It is essential that you include a justification of your sequence of activities in Space / Geometry that is referenced and related to the developmental frameworks studied, the van Hiele Levels of thinking and the van Hiele Teaching Phases. Demonstrated knowledge and reference to the current syllabus should be evident.   The Justification need not be any longer than two pages (300 to 500 words).

The target content outcome is to come from either Early Stage One or Stage One Space / Geometry, with a focus on 2 or 3 dimensional spatial structure. This provides four possible choices: MAE-2DS-01, MAE-3DS-01, MA1-2DS-01, and MA1-3DS-01.    WM outcomes should also be addressed.

Keep in mind that this assignment does not involve five complete lesson plans, but should take the form of a carefully sequenced set of student tasks that could be presented to a teacher and taught over the next week. This is often referred to as a unit of work and is more detailed than a teacher program. Hence, any information that would assist the teacher in presenting the activities should be included.


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