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A thorough edit for consistency of voice, tone, and organizational structure, as well as a first revision for language errors. Great for multi-author works and early drafts.

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Writing an essay is a tedious task, no matter how well-versed you are in it, it requires a lot of factors to be perfect so that it can achieve the grade you want. But, even if you are done with your first draft, there is this nagging feeling that it requires more. That nagging feeling is correct! 

Most often students overlook writing issues in their documents that are glaringly obvious to their professors. Hence, they receive bad grades or worse get an F. As you apparently don’t want that, the best thing to do is get a second set of eyes to look at it. Tutoring Lounge designed its essay editing services to help students submit a paper they are wholeheartedly confident with. Our editor will edit your essay to scrub it of any typos, spelling and grammar errors, give suggestions on organisation and structure and edit sentence structure, tone and clarity.

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Professional editing in just 24 hours

 How will we edit your essay?

Our experienced editors are available 24/7 to review and improve your essay.

Perfect Grammar and Punctuation

Tutoring Lounge editor will ensure that your essay is free of grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Our professionals' main focus is to eliminate all errors, possible inconsistencies and weaknesses in writing to preserve your unique voice.

Perfect Clarity and Syntax

Our editor will fix any awkward phrasing and ambiguity to make sure your writing is clear and has a logical flow.

Improved Style and Tone

Our editors will do the vocabulary check, and improve the overall tone to make it seem like it was written by a native.

Improved Style and Tone

Our editors will do the vocabulary check, and improve the overall tone to make it seem like it was written by a native.

Referencing Style

Our editor will ensure that the formatting of citations and references is according to the style guide of your choice.

Expert Comments and Recommendations

Our editors give guidance and recommendations in order to help you further boost the quality of your document. 

The Best Essay Editing Service is Here

If you are looking for essay editing services that have a solid reputation in the market then you are in the right place. There are many reasons behind Tutoring Lounge is the best proofreading and editing service:

  • We care about our client's privacy. Your information is kept safe and confidential. No one can access your details or the content that we deliver to you.
  • You receive 100% original content
  • We offer essay editing services according to the instructions provided by you. The editor will fix what needs to be fixed but your unique voice as a writer will still shine through the text.
  • Deadlines are just as important to us as they are to you so rest assured you will receive the edited content on time.
  • Only trained editors can offer high-quality editing services. And we have a team of them so your paper will be in safe hands.

Professional Tutor are just one Click away

Meet Tutoring Lounge carefully selected tutors

Tutoring Lounge professional tutors go through a rigorous selection and training process called a tutoring academy. Only 5% of applicants are good enough to become qualified Tutors.

You can rest assured that only the best tutor will teach you and guide you regarding your subject.

  • Native speakers
  • University graduates
  • Academic writing experts
  • Knowledgeable in various fields of study

Structure and clarity (provided with clear comments and notes)

There are dozens of apps and websites for pointing out grammar and sentence structure mistakes but only a professional can tell you how well the paragraphs are tied together or where there are gaps in the story. You can not get too poetic and elusive in your essay either so do not write it like an art essay. This clarity check will come from editors who have read and improved hundreds of essays so you can be confident before sending out your essay that it is easy for a reader to comprehend and appreciate your story. 

Our essay editor will also give you honest comments and notes alongside the sentences of your essay or thesis statement. Using this annotation, you can rewrite the words to bring it closer to perfection. Receiving this analysis from a professional can be very valuable if you have been stuck somewhere and need direction. 

If you have always had trouble writing within a word limit, editors can help you cut out unnecessary details and give you suggestions in place of those words. 

Meet and discuss

Even if you are a professional writer, you still need professional feedback from those who have been engaged in the application process for universities like the ones you are applying to. Every word, every punctuation needs to be in a cohesive manner for you to make an impression on the admission officer so that when they read your words, they can smile and maybe remember them. 

The fact that you can meet and discuss the essay and go over it multiple times gives you a lot of liberty. The discussion can bring new ideas to the table that you might not be able to think about on your own

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Yes, if it is required by the client, our professional essay editor will help with formatting consistency, which could change the look and feel of your work. Our editor has strong experience with a range of different formatting styles even the ones that are not so common. 

Tutoring Lounge editors are equipped to edit any type of document. We have edited:

The time required to complete a document varies greatly depending on its length and the level of editing required. We advise submitting a paper to us three to five days before the deadline.

You can check the changes that were made in Track Changes in MS Word. Through it, you can accept changes or edit you like to incorporate in your text and reject one you don’t want. Our editor also highlights the areas that require your attention and also adds comments to clarify why the area was highlighted.