Ethical behavior and consideration for Digital Transformation

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Discussion Forum Week 4

Ethical considerations are no longer an option in digital transformation world. Privacy and confidentiality are an essential ethical value that assures businesses and customers that the transaction and business relationship will be conducted in a timely manner and in privacy. In digital world, privacy means the act of boundary setting that allow individual and company  to determine who can access what data, where and the purpose. Confidentiality refers to how a company keeps personal data safe (Newman 2019). For example Google phone map use location when opening the app, help determining user to provide data with informed consent (Ritter 2020). The use of statistical databases keeps the data valid but private and restores business potential in customer relationship management. As a result, adopting such measures would augment confidentiality on the customer’s behalf helping the businesses to work on cyber security and statistical database to avoid such invisible abuse.

For modern and digitalized enterprises, the principle of integrity means doing right things in all the circumstances (Anderson 2012). An example of lack of integrity includes Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Chairman/CEO that was charged over allegations that he failed to reveal $80 million in additional compensation from 2010 to 2018, hiding personal investment loses and deferral scheme that he managed to transfer Nissan in 2008. As a measure, the company divided the role of Chairman and CEO to maintain check and balance, also to avoid falsifying reports (Atkins 2019).Protecting accuracy and validity increases business performance and stability while improving maintainability (Pearlman, 2019). 

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