SRM777 Construction Management Practice

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For this individual assessment, each student must undertake research on ONE (1) of the  case studies Tier 2 builders in Victoria.  

The student’s case study list is:  

Kane Constructions, Hickory, Harris HMC, BUILT, Vaughan, Monaco, ADCO, CREMA,  Builtcorp, Hutchinson, Hansen Yuncken and WATPAC. (You are welcome to source  another tier 2 builder but consult your UC).

1. Examine the company in relation to company structure, discuss the critical roles and  responsibilities and associated relationships.  

In researching the company, provide the following details – 

  1. Create an organisational chart indicating the key staff and their roles within the  company you have chosen as your case study (i.e., case organisation).
  2. Create a network diagram identifying the key internal departments within the  company and how they interact with each other.
  3. Make comparisons with your MERIT company structure – similarities and  differences.
  4. Identify the sectors in which your case organisation undertakes projects and discuss  the opportunities and challenges in those sectors.

2. Furthermore, undertaking research in leadership, using ONE leadership model  discussed in class and seminars, discuss the leadership challenges in the built  environment aligned with your case study Builder.  

Students are encouraged to use Project Visio or other digital tools in this assessment.

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