DIG11 Pitch Presentation On Universal Design Principles - Assignment 3

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Assignment 3 – Pitch Presentation

For the third assignment in this unit, you will articulate your proposed digital design solution based on your chosen project brief. You have the freedom to propose a digital design solution in a medium of your own choosing from the “DIG11 A3 Design Medium Deliverables.pdf” document, which can be found in the Assessments section of the DIG11 Blackboard site. As part of your project pitch, you will be expected to adhere to particular deliverables that are specific to your chosen innovative design medium.

Note that you are not expected to develop a fully functional or completed design solution. Rather, the aim of this assignment is to create a ‘Pitch Presentation’ of your proposed design solution that provides an audience (and your tutor) with a clear and unambiguous experience of what your proposed design solution would look/sound/feel like. Although you will not be delivering a completed App, Game, Animation, Website etc for Assignment 3, your pitch presentation must still communicate your design solution in a visually detailed and highly resolved manner – this means that any images which depict your design solution should mirror the polish of what a completed production version of your project would look like.

For the final assignment in this unit, you will also be required to submit a written reflection detailing the design process you went through to achieve your Proposed Design Solution. Given the iterative nature of design, it is expected that there may be some differences between the initially proposed design solution and the final delivered outcome. Any design changes, or lack thereof, must be rationalised in a critical reflection document.

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