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How actors are transformed into characters

The character I have chosen is Meg from the book “Seven Little Australians”. She is introduced to us as an elder daughter of the house with having other six siblings, living with her father and stepmother. She is sixteen years old girl; she is romantic and ideal sister and a sort of mother to her siblings. The character of Meg is seen to be distinctive and predictable, and can be compared with the other characters along with having been adopting the change in her behavior and nature in the end. This is how Meg, an actor, is seen to be transformed into character according to the Topic 5. 

Meg is portrayed in the book as a very distinctive girl in nature. As a distinctive, Meg’s personality and individualism is prominent and shown in various sections of the book. From doing all household chores, taking care of her siblings, learning French with her older friend, trying to save Judy to studying the prevailing circumstances, Meg shows how she is different and distinctive character from the rest of the characters in the book. She is also predicable in behavior since we can predict and foresee what would happen to her as her naivety, romantic and ideal nature tells us all about her. The distinctiveness and predictability of Meg make her turn into a character who is supposed to be “complex semantic units (Bal, 2017, p. 104). The way she deals and tackles the situations arising in the book like her father’s decision to send Judy to the boarding school and the circumstances before and after Judy’s death is all about how Meg is depicted differently and distinctively from others with having unique nature of her own. 

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