Written Assessment On Leadership In Early Childhood Education

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Assessment 2: Written component for PX

Part 5

From a reflective educational leadership perspective of your professional learning experience to date (at the centre/ kindergarten) discuss how you would collaborate with your future mentor to discuss developing an identified emergent curriculum plan of learning experience of a selected area (eg, blocks, art and craft, language) to lead children’s learning. Discuss some of the planned pedagogy that you wish to adopt to promote children’s learning of the focused learning experience. Then imagine you have Implemented the activity to reflect on  the  experience.  Discuss and   link   relevant   examples from   your   identified pedagogy adopted of the imagined implemented curriculum to extend children's learning or interests. Strengthen your discussion with the support of leadership literature from readings in this course.

Please be concise and succinct in your submission. Indicate clearly your total word count (equivalent to 2000 words) at the beginning.

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