Function of Housekeeping Management

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The reason for this study is to bring out the housekeeping related operations in hotel from the provided data and to propose a future study with this. Hotels in Auckland are been selected for this study with a main objective to do secondary data analysis with the data provided on housekeeping operations in a hotel, and to provide a theoretical framework to propose future study based on the finding of this research. The methodology used for this study was a secondary analysis of data focused on qualitative research. Data are been provided by Whitireia Polytechnique. Data are the interviews conducted with General Managers and other managers from hotels in Auckland. This research study continues with basic background about hospitality and housekeeping department in a hotel followed by literature review to support this work. And then results and discussions are briefly explained with the help of data provided continued with conclusion and a proposal for future study. 


Hospitality industry basically provides services like food, accommodations, drinks and other activities. The word hospitality is derived from Latin word “Hospes” which means visitor and stranger. Hospitality is not a new term for mankind. History dates to 40BC, since then it is evolved to various forms (Historical Background of the Hospitality Industry – A Fascinating Journey, 2020). Over the last few decades hospitality industry has evolved so much, and growth of travel industry is doubled in 2016.  Hospitality has become most diverse industry. Technology is also been associated within hospitality industry, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things also plays a major role in development of industry. (Wich, n.d.). 

Rooms are the major revenue generating departments in a hotel and housekeeping plays a major role in rooms operations. Guest rooms and public areas are the main areas which housekeeping department focuses on. Core work is to keep the areas clean and tidy and to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Planning of rooms, scheduling and inventory maintenance falls with housekeeping (Housekeeping Operations and Management in Hotel and Hospitality Management, n.d.)

Literature review

This literature review explains about the major three aspects covered by the managers from different hotels. And it will give a brief understanding and importance of those aspects in housekeeping department. 

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