MGT2SPF Report Analyses On Sport Policy - Assessment 3

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The following items/headings provide a basic structure for your report, and a guide for your analysis. For each of the 6 x policy areas, students must:

  1. Give a brief statement of the policy problem(s) [1 mark].
  2. Support your analysis by describing the current government (public) sport policy that has been implemented to address the policy problem(s) [1 mark]. Does the policy involve either:
    (a) Intervention by a government in sport? If so, give an example of the interventions (past and/present).
    (b) No intervention by a government in sport?
  3. What is the scope of the policy problem(s)? [1 mark]
    o i.e. Does the policy problem affect a wide range of people (e.g. Athletes? Coaches? Administrators? Bureaucrats? Parents?), and organisations? (e.g. NSO’s? SSO’s? Local sport organisations? Companies? Teams? Clubs?)
  4. Describe the policy resources or skills that were necessary to implement this policy? [2 marks]

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