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Globalization's term is being more common across the globe as it allows free movement to interact with citizens on cultural, environmental, financial, technical, political, and educational as business concerns. Globalization has affected several people's lives in contemporary society, which began in the western societies in 1492, and then spread throughout the world (O’rourke & Williamson, 2002). Globalization can be regarded as the expanding global economic and financial integration of the world economy. Indicators that allow globalization involve technological transition, which is the regulated awareness of the development of products and services, and reduced security of the global economy.Globalization is not anything new. After its establishment as a colony Australia has been active in commerce, tourism, capital transactions, technological transitions and labor migration. What has increased, particularly since 1980, is the scale, nature and effect of those transfers. This transition has been supported by a variety of factors. They involve developing international markets, becoming internationally connected to foreign exchange and capital markets. They work 24 hours a day in real time, with transactions wherever appropriate in the world. Since 1983, financial reform and the dollar circulating in Australia have exacerbated the effect of globalization on the Australian economy. The effect of globalization, too, has altered Australia's trading system. The production and service sectors have expanded considerably, with minimal development in the rural market.

This represents a mix of global market changes and systemic domestic reforms.Globalization is the growing economic interconnectedness between nations embodied in that real developments through regions in commerce, innovation, technology, finance, and labor, with the opportunity to travel and the possible migration through nations of these five elements. After its establishment as a colony, Australia's participation in commerce, tourism, capital transfers, technological innovation and labor movement has influenced and modified Australia's economic system, with substantial growth. Generations of Australian people have seen and encountered the numerous shifts that have taken place in Australian culture. Process of globalization is one aspect of this movement that keeps transforming Australia. As shown in Fig 1, Australia has progressed across several years and this continues to be done by globalization. The issue under consideration is indeed globalization, and if it has a substantial effect on Australia's country. The term refer as the increasing economic interconnectedness between countries is Globalization. It is the transaction, expenditure, technology, finance, and progressive movement.

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