Group Stakeholder Analysis

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Throughout this subject, we teach you to think of organisations as 'open systems'; ones that affect and are affected by the environments and stakeholders they interact with. Although we cover stakeholders in detail in topic 9, you are expected to apply the theory and learning from the other topics to demonstrate your understanding of the sustainability issue, at play.

Working in teams of 5 from your specific class, you will use the theory and frameworks developed in the subject to undertake a stakeholder analysis of an organisation of your choice. Detailed guidelines and the marking guide for the assessment can be found below.

Based on the organisation you choose as a group, complete the following sections in no-more than 4 pages (Excluding cover page, Table of Contents and Reference List)

1.Background to the organisation

2.Key sustainability issues faced by the business and the sector

3.List of primary and secondary stakeholders

4.Stakeholder mapping and justification

5.Examples of organisational responses to stakeholders based on mapping.



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