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Weapons are commonly used in violent incidents in the United States and the United Kingdom. Many of the homicidal incidents include the use of weapons especially guns in the United States, the use of gun as a weapon is really common among the teenagers (Kroll & Dussias, 2017). The policy regarding gun control is essential to stop the common use of the weapon by the public. The policy makers have done really well in introducing policies regarding the minimal use of gun. However, there can be seen some problems related to the policies of the gun control. The issue of gun control has been called a wicked problem by the academic scholars (Newman & Head, 2017). The concept of wicked problem is that it indicates complex factors that can delay individuals’ agreement, intervene with few selected strategies or answers, can generated unorganized negative explicit problems and hamper problem meaning (Newman & Head, 2017). The essay will compare three countries in terms of gun control issue, the three countries that will be compared in the body of the essay are Australia, United States and Canada.


There has been an increasing use of fire arms and guns in Australia before the Howard Government implemented the restrictions to the weapon. Before this restriction there had been a total of thirteen massacres. Moreover, a gin policy reform was implemented by the country’s Prime Minister in 1996 after the deadly incident. John Howard introduced this policy in the first few months of his job as a Prime Minister. Due to this policy there has been no gun incidents or massacres in the last two decades. The policy included a prohibition on the import, proprietorship, selling, possession or even utilizing center-fire rifles, shotguns and rim-fire rifles. It also included nine other objectives that focused on a minimal use of the weapons. Along which the main gun law the rigid licensing mechanism that entailed a person possessing the fire arm must have a sincere reason (Chapman, 2016). The policy implementation process in Australia is not as complex as the rest of the countries. The governments (state and territorial) in the country also have different opinions on any policy however, through the establishment of the Council of Australian governments in 1992, all the governments are made to listen each other. Similarly, in Canada there is a series of non-official meetings between the ministers until a Federal Council was constructed in 2003. Not only this, the country’s governments permit almost every member of the governments to implement policy. This isn’t the case in the US where there are conflicts between the governments. The Aussies are keen on shooting and hunting but any constitution doesn’t just give them the right to possess a personal gun. Australia has a favorable location than US or Canada as it is really easy in the latter countries to smuggle gun. The former country doesn’t have borders with other countries whereas the Naval borders with Indonesia and Papa Guinea are properly secured and guarded. In addition to, the individuals possessing guns were not that much even before the 1996 massacre in comparison to other countries (Newman & Head, 2017). In Australia it is easy for the gun control policy to be implemented due to the “lack of cultural attachment” among the citizens (POL 3 CAP, 2020, slide 21).

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