Hi. Please Help Me With Some Of My ICD-10-CM Assignments That I Cannot Figure Out. Here Is The Medical Coding...

Hi. Please help me with some of my ICD-10-CM assignments that I cannot figure out. Here is the medical coding scenario:

CASE 1 - An elderly woman is seen for increased right hip pain. She has a right hip prosthesis. After extensive evaluation, she is found to have a bacterial Staph aureus infection of the prosthesis. She will be scheduled for surgery.


CASE 2 - Patient presents to the hospital because her type 2 diabetes is out of control (hyperglycemia) despite following her prescribed Insulin regimen. She is being admitted to get the diabetes back under control. She also has known diabetic nephropathy which is currently stable.


CASE 3 - Patient is admitted with hematochezia. A colonoscopy is performed and diverticulitis, colitis and colonic polyps are discovered. No active bleeding was noted and the cause of the hematochezia has not been identified.


CASE 4 - Patient sustained flash burns to his face and left hand when he threw gasoline onto a park grill while cooking. He sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns of his left hand and 2nd degree burns to his face (12% total body surface with 2% 3rd degree). On today's visits the burns are healing well, he will likely have very little scaring.

Code the case as follows:

Enter the code(s) for the burns:

Enter the code(s) for the total body area involved:

Enter the code(s) for the cause of injury:

Enter the code(s) for the place of injury:

Enter the code(s) for the activity:

Expert's Answer

ICD -10 CM CLASSIFICATIONS IT IS A new procedure coding system for inpatient procedures. authoried by WHO…

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