How does what you like to read differ from what your parents, siblings, or friends like to read?

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Throughout my childhood I have always been taught that reading is good, its help’s a person in so many different ways. Reading help people in improving their grammar, give them the knowledge, educate them and really improve their vocabulary as well. When it comes to deciding on what you want to read, its merely a personal choice as not everyone is likely to be interested in reading Novels or story books. There’s a huge range of options that one can select when it comes to deciding on what you want to read. Options can be in the form of Novels, Story Books, Science Fiction books, Magazines, Personal Development books, Business articles and the list goes on. I personally believe that the age, gender and your upbringing has a major role to play when it comes to selecting the kind of reading you wish to read. For example, it is very unlikely that a female would read a war related novel, or an aged man would read a comic book. Similarly, what I read sometimes when I get time is totally different to what my family and my siblings prefer to read. Though there are few types of books and articles that we share among our siblings but that’s very rare. I personally like to read about personal development, how I can improve my communication skills, how I can leave an impression on others and most importantly what things I can learn and develop that would help me in future in a professional domain. My father only reads historic related article and as far as my mother is concerned, she only needs beauty and other similar related articles in the newspaper. This simply prove the concept or the point that I made in the beginning that what you prefer to read depends a lot on your age and gender. In saying this I simply don’t mean that other’s should read what I read or must have the same interest. Different people have different interest and enjoy reading on different topics and areas.

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