How effective is Australian foreign policy toward X [a particular foreign policy issue]?

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Assessment 3 - 3000 Word Essay


This assessment task is designed to provide you the opportunity to apply your knowledge of Australian foreign policy to a public policy case study that suits your interests, The point of this task is to allow you to apply the theoretical knowledge that you have gained about Australian foreign policy to particular issue areas that are of interest to you. For instance, you could review the relevance of Realism for Australia's approach to defence, or Liberal Internationalism in relation to development assistance, or Strategic Culture in relation to alliances.

The question is: "How effective is Australian foreign policy toward X [a particular foreign policy issue]?"

You can identify which particular issue you want to use as a case study. It can be one of the topics covered in the subject or another topic. This will deepen your knowledge of a particular issue in Australian foreign policy.

This essay will contribute 60% to your overall grade.


  1. Undertake scoping research to identify a case study of interest that will allow you to demonstrate an understanding of Australia's foreign policy (e.g. the treatment of asylum seekers). If in doubt check with your subject coordinator.
  2. Summarise your understanding of the various influences on Australian foreign policy (drawn from your previous essay, but not drawn word for word) and how they assist you in evaluating Australian approaches to key foreign policy issues.
  3. Apply this knowledge critically to your case study with reference to government documents, academic literature and policy analysis.
  1. Submit your work to the Turnitin link.


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