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An HR manager is really important for businesses and organizations all around the world today. Their role is a huge factor that make the businesses what they are today. The HR managers’ role is to advocate the workforce of the organization and are required to understand the business of the organizations and firms (Chandramohan, Kumar & Rajeshkumar, 2008).

There are many Human Resource Management skills given in the Australian Human Resources Institute for the HR professionals and managers all across the country. There is a total of seven capabilities that different managers possess however, this essay will analyze three out of the seven capabilities. Not only the capabilities would be described but real-life examples would also be given to understand the three capabilities. The capabilities that would be analyzed in this essay are workforce and workplace designer, business driven and ethical and credible activist.

 A workforce and workplace designer

Work Design means to the “content and organization of one’s work tasks, activities, relationships and responsibilities’ (Parker, 2014 as cited in Parker & Zhang, 2016, pp. 135). A work design is considered to generate positive results on individual bases in an organization or any workplace. The workplace design influences the employees to successfully achieve the organizational goals like enhanced performance, increase in productivity, creativity and many more. Through work design the tasks completed are of good quality ( Parker & Zhang, 2016). It comes under the responsibility of the HR manager to manage a workforce and workplace design for the organizations. To attract the right candidate the HR manager needs to correctly advertise the job position. The workforce design approaches require the manager to critically analyze jobs beyond the typical strategies of the job-related information that has been a main emphasis for the manager. Through generating agile chances in a means through which job positions are designed and majorly the means through which the tasks are completed by advanced and enhanced workplace design is a vital element in raising performance and participation for many employees (the HR Landscape, 2015). A workforce and workplace designer is someone that designs an organization’s work environment in such a way through which the employees that accomplish the goals. Moreover, a HR manager designs a work environment that endures an able labour force (Ulrich, Brockbank, Yeung & Lake, 1995). Innovative workplace and workforce approach can give an opportunity to the firm to be more agile and flexible. This gives a chance to the firm to expand their business functions as well as their employees that will meet the needs of a different workplace. However, all of these things can only be fulfilled through a stable human resource management (Ware & Grantham, 2003).

For a HR manager it is important for h/her to be a workplace and workforce designer because through a capable workplace design, the employees can be motivated to achieve the organizational goals. The Human Resource Department is capable of how to design a workplace and workforce in order to achieve the goals. Researches suggests that there is a positive relationship between workplace design and workforce performance; enhancement in the workplace environment can create positive outcomes in terms of employee performance and productivity (Mendis, 2016). I have experienced such workplace and workforce design in my university groups, we were assigned to write a social policy regarding education in the developing countries. The professor assigned me the leader of that group so it was my responsibility to manage all the work and to assign that kind of work to the members that can be done easily. For this I had to make them comfortable, show them leniency if they are not able to complete the work in time and to make them comfortable to work in a group. I managed to make them comfortable with the topic and gave them the right task that can completed within the specified period of time. Every individual is unique in their own way and has extraordinary capabilities. Through making the environment favourable for them can produce positive outcomes.

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