Human Resource Assignment


1. Requirement of capabilities

HR professionals from every enterprise play a key part in assistance of the management team and leading it to the appropriate management method that is useful in supporting the organizational teams. Indeed, HR practitioners must not turn their consideration on enhancing organizational capability. HR professionals enable businesses to establish strategic advantages, and provide the business or the market with a desirable place for the enterprise. Thus it is exceptionally important for HR professionals to apprehend the market objectives, strategies and expectations. HR professionals must have at least three types of capabilities to know the professional demand, and these are business-driven, an expert practitioner, and a cultural and changes leader.

HR professional with “business-driven” capability will mean greater market productivity while capability likes “expert practitioner” will better determine organizational priorities, HR approaches, and enterprise objectives. HR capabilities of “a cultural and change leader” will require unity of organization in the cross-cultural setting of business.

  • Business Driven:

According to the AHRI, business-driven capabilities allow a manager to have a broad range of qualifications to tackle critical conditions, expertise and experience (Nankervis, Baird, Coffey & Shields, 2019). They will be able to grasp the organization's goals for activities, goods and service delivery. They will be able to comprehend the business atmosphere of the company, including financial and operational performance and sometimes even stakeholders. They will also achieve consistent results for clients by employees and have significant advantage. This will be able to evaluate the implications of any and all political stances on companies. They try to compile, incorporate, interpret and systematically evaluate data so that they know what goods they may like to buy and which among the public will be their intended audience. A business-driven manager should react appropriately to internal and external factors as to how they impact the challenges to the workplace, sustainability, competitiveness and efficiency of the company (Hauke, Mayer, Quick & Feistenauer, 2013).

  • Expert Practitioner

According to the AHRI, an expert practitioner needs the skills to effectively do his job. Personal knowledge must be applied in HR, corporate and employee relations, governance, and other such domains (Nankervis et al., 2019). The responsibilities of HR expert practitioners vary significantly depending on the degree to which they are general practitioners (HR Director, HR Manager, business associate) or specialists (training and development executives, talent managers, incentive managers), the degree at which they operate (strategic, corporate or administrative), the needs of the business, the environment in which they operate as well as their own skills (Reilly & Williams, 2016). Roles can be constructive, responsive or a combination of the two. He will also build knowledge about how company is influenced by management decisions or policy decisions. He should understand his organization very well to know what their operational capacity is, and what professional HR support is required. They should be willing to contemplate and forecast the technical and global transitions and how their employees could be influenced.

  • Cultural and change leader

The AHRI mentions that cross-cultural comprehension is among the most important HR activities (Nankervis et al., 2019). Consequently, all organizations undergo periods of much-needed cultural shift to produce the results they need to improve, compete at the highest level. Modifying or strengthening a firm's or team's culture requires emphasis, consistency and integrity. And it has to be guided from the top. The desired culture could not be accomplished without complete and full participation of the senior management team. HR managers can promote progress by assisting corporate leaders in the business decisions of companies that contribute to the redefinition of institutions, community and vital partnerships within and outside the company (Uhl-Bien & Arena, 2018).

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