HUMN1057 Doing Sociology - Assessment 3: Report

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1. Choose ONE of the following work-place specific social issues/case studies to write a 1000-word report on:

  1. You work for a team in the City Council that is tasked with revitalising urban spaces after the COVID-19 pandemic. Using sociological insights consider how you might develop a plan to attract individuals back to the city following a prolonged lock-down. One of the ambitions of the project is to not just revitalise city space, but also make it more inclusive.
  2. Your organisation is involved in communicating climate change information to members of the public. Drawing on sociology, you need to develop a public awareness campaign that highlights the social and cultural ramifications of climate You might also consider, as you do so, why climate change science is accepted by some and rebuked by others.
  3. The youth work organisation that you are employed by is devising a strategy for educating young people about social media use. Drawing on sociological research, the strategy might consider: the media, power, censorship and surveillance; how social media is used to communicate; and/or the effects of social media on personal relationships.

2. In order to compile your report, you should:

  1. Identify the central issue(s) in your chosen case study and provide a short summary of those issue(s).
  2. Consider how the issue(s) can be understood sociologically. Think about the sociological sub-fields the case study relates to and provide an overview of existing, relevant research.
  3. Provide a response to the chosen case study drawing on these sociological
  4. Consider the social perspectives/research methods that would assist in responding to the task? How would you address this topic/issue with sociological research?
  5. Finally, reflect on how sociology would assist in this hypothetical workplace and in tackling this issue.

3. Your response should be written as a report, containing a clear introduction to the topic, an overview of the key issues and relevant literature, and on the basis of those relevant recommendations.

4. You are encouraged to draw on at least 4 academic sources and follow protocols for academic writing and referencing.


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