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Preparation, Coaching & Training


Tutoring Lounge provides professional and qualified English tutors for students who are struggling with IELTS and PTE tests.



Either you need to prepare for your IELTS or PTE; our tutors at Tutoring Lounge can help you prepare for it. You can book in for 1 week or up to 2 months; our tutors will be there to help you out.

Just like other tutoring courses, our PTE and IELTS tutoring is similar, we don’t hold sessions for too many students as our aim is to offer personalised training sessions to our clients who need help with PTE and IELTS.



Our Tutors have significant experience when it comes to guiding students who are in process of learning English as a second language in order to be able to achieve excellence, especially in preparation for the IELTS examination. 

Rather than just preparing students for just a test, our aim at Tutoring Lounge is to help students with practical communication skills, ensuring that they are capable of communicating in real world circumstances confidently. 
At times preparing for Ielts or PTE can be so hard and frustrating that you almost give up. Practicing the same thing again and again can help you, however that’s not how it should be done. Watching lots of videos on YouTube, reading blogs about tips on IELTS and other strategies can and will only help you a bit.

After trying several times and using all those strategies that are mentioned on different blogs and YouTube tutorials, if you are still not able to achieve the desired score than obviously you are missing out on the core strategy and need to work on. There’s a proper way of doing things, even when it comes to learning English. At Tutoring Lounge we have a team of professional and experienced English tutors who can not only help you get better grades in IELTS and PTE but can help you with the confidence that you need so that you can communicate with others with ease.


Our tutors will help you in avoiding those entire pitfall and other traps so that you can prepare yourself to be able to answer and meet the tough IETLS/PTE assessment criteria.