Immunisation Assignment

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Pneumococcal disease in low socioeconomic status families

You are part of the immunisation team at a local government health department.  You have noticed that there has been an increasing incidence of a pneumococcal vaccine preventable disease in the area. Falling vaccination coverage in the municipality has been identified as a contributing factor to this uptick in cases.  Your community is diverse and is comprised of a large population of low SES families, who have moved with their young families to take advantage of cheaper house prices.

You have been tasked with pitching a public health campaign to Council to secure funding to address this issue.

  • A 10-minute presentation outlining the key issues and potential strategies to address the problem (target audience: Council)
  • An example of a written resource (poster, pamphlet, etc.) that could be used in the campaign (target audience: population at risk)

Description of pneumococcal disease

Explanation of the public health significance of the disease

Clinical features, who is most at risk, any long-term consequences of infection


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