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Assessment Brief



This group report will give you valuable skills in researching and presenting professional industry reports. It will expand your competencies in communication, team work and problem solving.

Learning Outcomes

The targeted Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) for this assessment are:

  • CLO3: Analyse the benefits of ethical workplaces leadership and management in the context of diversity in the workplace.
  • CLO4:Apply theoretical concepts and tools to ethically engage a diverse workforce within a range of employment situations and organisations.
  • CLO5: Evaluate diversity and inclusion policies, that are ethical, legislated, and adhere to best practice employee performance and organisational success.

Marking Criteria

This assessment will measure your ability to:

  • Rubric criteria one (25%): Knowledge development: Clear identification and explanation of the case study and issues.
  • Rubric criteria two (25%): Critical thinking and discussion relevant to the solutions for the case study.
  • Rubric criteria three (20%): Future thinking - Identification and discussion of implications
  • Rubric criteria four (15%): Critical thinking and discussion of implications
  • Rubric criteria five(5%): Research and referencing
  • Rubric criteria six (10%): Presentation

Assessment Details

  1. Choose an organisation from the following list:
    • Any not-for-profit organisation such as The Australian Red Cross
    • Any large bank such as NAB
    • Any large consultancy such as Deloitte
    • A large tech company such as Apple
    • Another organisation of your choice in consultation with your lecturer
  1. Analyse a diversity issue that is occurring in your chosen organisation

Please note: This task requires you to access publicly available information about your chosen organisation. This information can be found on the organisation’s website. You may also find additional information from the organisation’s annual report as well as news media/HRM news reports. Research a diversity issue within your chosen organisation and report how to solve it.

In your presentation:

    • Introduce the organisation and analyse the issue (outline the issue and explain why and how the issue might be occurring in the organisation).
    • Provide a possible solution/s and outline why you have chosen this solution and draw possible implications from these solutions. Support your analysis and solutions with theory and academic literature.
    • Use a minimum of 10 academic journal articles from 2012 onwards. Further grey literature (newspaper articles/online articles) can be used in addition

Assessment Structure

AI tools cannot be used in the completion of this assessment task 

In this assessment task, you must not use any AI tools (excluding text editing software e.g., Grammarly) to generate any materials, content or ideas related to the task.


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