ITECH3100 Cloud And Mobile Security - Report On System Discovery & Vulnerability Investigation

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Assignment Task 2:

Assignment Part B

In this second part of assessment, you will be required to conduct a system vulnerability investigation on the smart system you choose for part A of assignment and complete the whole technical report. The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply learning knowledge to real world applications, analyze the world application system in a way that generates valued insights, and think critically to seek solutions.

Assessment Details

1. Think of yourself as an examiner or auditor of the system from your assignment part A, and Identify open issues and limitations of the system by considering the following sample questions:

Are the assumptions reasonable and realistic?
Is the solution practical?
Any technical errors and limitations?
Any problems with the experiments?
Do the results support the claims?
Any way to improve the work?
How does the work relate to other topics previously covered in class?

2. Summarize all threats, vulnerability or weak points of the system into a table, complete the whole technical report by revising assignment part A report according to the feedback received from lecturer, and extending assignment part A report to be in the following structure:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction (new functions and applications in Industry)
  3. System Architecture (components, Internal and external connections, and key technologies)
  4. Technological issues and problems
  5. Threats, Vulnerability and Possible Attacks
  6. Countermeasures
  7. Experimental Attack Process (optional)
  8. Conclusion (summary of your findings)
  9. Reference Students can include at least two diagrams and/or tables to present

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