Individual Business Model And Plan: Street Organics And A Self-cooking Restaurant

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Introduction of Street Organics

Street Organics has been chosen for business model analysis, which is a New Zealand based organic food cafeteria that was founded by a US based girl in 2017. The cafeteria is specialized in whole and organic food and is aimed to work with ethicality and responsibility. 

Major products and services of Street Organics

The key focus of Street Organics is on provision of organic food products to customers who love whole food, gluten free, vegan and low calorie food. The café mainly uses local organic ingredients for preparation of meals, cakes and treats, which shows that health friendly nature organic food is highly appreciated by Street organics (Street Organics, 2020a). The cafeteria serves drinks and food items in huge variety that is organic and serves customers with health conscious food preferences. 

Target Customers and their needs and problems

The target customers of Street Organics are health conscious and they prefer clean and healthy diet (Street Organics, 2020a). Their health conscious behavior is indicated by the notion that they are keen to consume organic and sustainable food items, which best matches with their diet plans. For instance, keto and FODMAP etc. Additionally, in terms of income level, target customers are high income group, including both male and female of all age groups. 

The customers might be omnivore and following completely plant based diet and vegan food. Additionally, the customers who follow keto diet and FODMAP diet are also being targeted by Street Organics to provide them most suitable menu options, as per their underlying diet plan (Street Organics, 2020b). Moreover, in terms of addressing problems of customers, along with providing them with healthy and organic food options, Street Organics also serves the customers with their precious events, through catering services. 

Differentiation of business through competitive offering

The point of differentiation, which is making Street Organics different from other restaurants, is that it provides whole and 100% organic food options to customers. The quality, health and wellness and clean nature of its food differentiate it within market (Street Organics, 2020a). Likewise, availability of multiple food options to comply with diet plans and health needs of customers is also an important point of differentiation of Street Organics. 

Critical Analysis of Business Model and Value Proposition of Street Organics

Customer Segment 

With respect to geographical segmentation, Street Organics operates only in New Zealand, whereby it serves men and women of all age groups, with high income level who can easily afford premium organic and whole food menu. The customers are educated and well recognize the effect of different food items on their mental and physical health. Moreover, the customers are empowered and they have modern life style. In terms of behavioral segmentation, customers possess health conscious behavior and prefer to consume whole, paleo, organic, vegan, gluten free and FODMAP food items, which is clean and of high quality (Street Organics, 2020a)

Value Proposition 


Jobs that need to be done: Customers want following food options; paleo, gluten free, vegan, organic and FODMAP. The plant based diets are being regarded as highly beneficial for health by the customers and health and wellness is their core priority (Rana and Paul, 2020)

Pains: The cost of the food is comparatively high, which makes it suitable only for specific group of buyers. 

Gains: Customers are able to access their preferred health and organic food that is customized to adjust with their specific food requirements.


Features and Benefits: The food of Street organics is delicious, nutritious, healthy and organic that is served with conscience and excellence. The food is whole, organic, paleo, vegan, gluten free, and low FODMAP (Street Organics, 2020b). An additional benefit is to stock up the food of Street Organics in freezer, with an easy option of heat and eat. 

Pain Relievers: To make it more economical for customers, low cost options of food and drinks are also offered to them, whereby they can adjust the offerings in menu to make up their whole meal. 

Gain Boosters: Free home delivery and catering service to enhance value for customers is highly important gain booster of Street Organics. Along with this, hosting the event at café is another gain booster. 

Key Partners

The key partners of Street Organics include the local organic suppliers and farmers who provide it with organic food ingredients. 

Key activities

  • The following key activities are adopted by Street Organics;
  • Sourcing organic food material
  • Preparing organic and whole food meals and drinks for customers
  • Serving customers at restaurant and through home deliveries
  • Making sufficient food daily to meet sales demand for generating revenue
  • Hosting customers’ events and providing catering services at restaurant and at their homes
  • Employing people from local community

Key resources

  • The following resources are being used by Street Organics;
  • Raw organic and whole food ingredients, sourced from local farmers
  • Physical facility of Street Organics
  • Chefs and team of café to deliver exceptional customers’ services
  • Financial resources
  • Target group of people who need gluten free, organic, vegan, paleo and FODMAP food
  • Promotions in locality to attract customers


  • The following channels are being used to approach target customers;
  • Website of Street Organics
  • Social networks
  • Email
  • Word of mouth
  • Fliers

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