Individual Quantitative Analysis Project

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The Task:

This assignment is a self-contained report that assesses students' understanding of all concepts, knowledge and skills covered from Week 1 to Week 6. Students will be required to analyse a series of practically oriented problems related to either the financial market or corporate finance. The assignment begins with organizing and describing the data with statistical tools, and students need to formulate and present their insights from the data. The main software to do the analyses is Excel but any other statistical software is also acceptable. There are multiple tasks for students to complete but students should present a self-contained report in which all questions are answered coherently.

  • Analyse financial data using various mathematical and statistical procedures.
  • Appraise the results from financial data using descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing and inference, correlation analysis and regression.

Word Count: 2,000 words excluding Appendixes & references.

Submission Instructions: e-submission via Canvas

Marking Criteria: a marking rubric will be provided on Canvas


If you have any questions, check the discussion board or alternative video to see if they have already been answered. If not post your question or alternatively ask me via email.


The report must be professionally presented using Times New Roman, size 12 font, double-spaced for the main text, and single spaced for tables, figures & appendices. Figures and graphs should be clearly labelled and numbered. Any information obtained from sources external should be referenced according to AGPS Harvard Style or APA style.

Referencing guidelines

Use AGPS Harvard Style or APA style. referencing style for this assessment.

You must acknowledge all the courses of information you have used in your assessments.

Refer to the RMIT Easy Cite referencing tool to see examples and tips on how to reference in the appropriate style. You can also refer to the library referencing page for more tools such as EndNote, referencing tutorials and referencing guides for printing.

Academic integrity and plagiarism

Academic integrity is about honest presentation of your academic work. It means acknowledging the work of others while developing your own insights,knowledge and ideas.

You should take extreme care that you have:

Acknowledged words, data, diagrams, models, frameworks and/or ideas of others you have quoted (i.e. directly copied), summarised, paraphrased, discussed or mentioned in your assessment through the appropriate referencing methods

Provided a reference list of the publication details so your reader can locate the source if necessary. This includes material taken from Internet sites

If you do not acknowledge the sources of your material, you may be accused of plagiarism because you have passed off the work and ideas of another person without appropriate referencing, as if they were your own.

RMIT University treats plagiarism as a very serious offence constituting misconduct.

Plagiarism covers a variety of inappropriate behaviours, including:

  • Failure to properly document a source
  • Copyright material from the internet or databases
  • Collusion between students


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