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The world started out work from stones and axes and progressed to the usage of technology and smart phones. With passing time, it has now entered to what we call now the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. It is changing how we work, live and impart. It's reshaping government, training, medical services, and business—pretty much every part of life (Impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, n.d.). Artificial Intelligence is releasing an unheard-of level of profitability and enlarging our lives from multiple viewpoints. As in past mechanical insurgencies, it can likewise be a problematic power, disjoining individuals from occupations and surfacing inquiries regarding the connection among people and machines.

This lopsidedness prompts significant inquiries for the business network, an area that is getting ready for the fate of work while at the same time recognizing that its future workforce may not be ready for 4IR—or realize that the unrest has arrived. An ongoing report delivered by McKinsey Global Institute reports that by 2022, half of organizations accept that computerization will diminish their quantities of full-time staff and, by 2030, robots will supplant 800 million specialists over the world (Jobs of the future, 2020). Innovation has permitted us to interface the furthest reaches of the globe and empowered organizations to thrive. Yet, in the event that innovation can't be outfit to interface individuals to high quality training and occupations, at that point the repercussions could be experienced comprehensively. 

In this report, we will see and shed some light on the future job industry. We have chosen Deloitte as our research company and will see how the Fourth revolution is affecting the job market for Deloitte and the industry.

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