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Some students are naturally interested in a subject and feel curious about every topic but most students need a push to feel intrigued by the topic being taught. As a good teacher, it is your responsibility to bring their focus to the lesson by using your passion to inspire them and create excitement. 

Most kids have been sitting in their seats for hours before they have to listen to another lecture so using inspiration is an excellent way to wake them up. Involve every student so that the core components of the lesson are understood by everyone.  

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Your success as a teacher depends on how well your students understand the main concepts in your lecture. You must have noticed that some students start to drift off during the lecture and due to lack of engagement, they find it hard to stay attentive. If there is some discussion or collaboration going on, it keeps them alert and allows them to voice their opinions and questions during the lecture.

There are many techniques to inspire students during a lecture: 

  • To motivate students, using the quotes of certain leaders in that subject can make the students more curious. It makes them recall the thinkers who invested their life in discovering the knowledge that they are about to study. Using visuals to display such inspirational quotations is an excellent way to do this 
  • At the start of the semester or school year, you can ask all the students about any personal goal they have regarding the subject and then make a plan around that goal. Help them achieve and stay motivated to get there
  • Each student is trying very hard to understand the lectures and as a teacher, you must recognise the efforts they are making by noticing and enthusiastically appreciating them. Always have high expectations from all students so that they do not feel any bias from you 
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Using inspiring teaching techniques to engage students

  • Challenge the students by playing certain games to test their knowledge. The competitiveness of this scenario makes students focus and invest themselves properly as they play with their fellow classmates 
  • Passive learning is a waste of your time and as a teacher, you have to be very creative and think of ways to kill the boredom every now and then. Walk around the class and ask random questions. Give them questions or puzzles to solve related to the contents of the lecture 
  • When you are preparing a lecture, remember to add examples from real life. This is very important with maths and science as it helps the students see the importance of the concepts that they are working hard to understand 
  • Remember that communication is not just one way, you have to keep the doors open for the students to ask you questions as well. If they are misunderstanding the concept, stop and cater to their confusion 

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Fostering a positive and inclusive classroom culture

Education in Australia is one of the most exemplary education systems so you would always find a mix of communities in your classroom. As a country, it is diverse and colourful so informing yourself about the different cultures is important to understand your students and  make them feel safe and valued. There are certain subtle ways to incorporate healthy inclusion in the classroom so that no one feels judged due to their identity or abilities.

  • To ensure the emotional safety of all students, a teacher ust empower all students to have an equal voice in the classroom. They should not be bullied by any other classmate and if any misbehaviour is noticed, it should be addressed and good behaviour should be modelled as an alternative. Knowing these things as a teacher is like entry education for your job  
  • Have an environment where being humorous and communicative is encouraged. Allow students to interact with each other and get to know each other. When someone is kind, notice and reward their behaviour 
  • When designing your curriculum, use the Universal Design for Learning Framework. The purpose of these guidelines is to include the needs of students with disabilities and to help students who face cultural barriers when understanding lectures
  •  If there is a student who has difficulty focusing due to mental or emotional issues, they should be directed towards individual therapy by an expert and not be judged during this process  

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