ITC560 Research Report On Internet Of Things - Assessment Task 3

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Assessment item 3 - Research Report

Task Two
Part A (2 marks)

Install a Linux environment on your workstation, using a suitable hypervisor e.g. VirtualBox. Be sure to install the Apache Web Server and the Python programming language. If you prefer you can build this server on any Cloud computing environment such as AWS.

Part B (4 marks)
Write a Python Script which uses the Python Requests and JSON module to download the JSON object outlined before. The program MUST process the 3 days of data from this stream and report:

  • the maximum, minimum and average pressure
  • the maximum, minimum and average wind speed

Part C (4 marks)
Modify your Python Program so that it produces a simple web page as its output. Once that is done, place the script in the CGI-BIN directory so that when it is accessed, it provides the user with a web page containing the above information.

The tutorial tasks over the semester will provide you with sufficient insight to complete these tasks.

When completed, you must prepare a document with screen shots outlining the process you have taken to implement the above. You must include a copy of the script used in Part 2 and you must demonstrate your program working.

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