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International Business Strategy Overview 

International business Strategy is an essential module in any business degree as it provides the appropriate strategy to penetrate an international market- which is quite a big challenge and a risky step for the ROI (return on investment). Usually businesses employ this strategy or require such a plan when the popularity of their product increases and they want to expand. This creates a need for fine tuning the product to make it standardised, devise a smart entry strategy and marketing campaign. This is a costly process and integrating the product in the new environment is difficult but the success of franchises like McDonald’s and Starbucks proves that there is a right way to go about this business. 

Coursework for this subject requires students to write thoroughly researched case studies and maybe come up with their own strategies to introduce a product in another country. If a student does not have a business background, this can be quite an intimidating task. No one wants to submit a subpar assignment without understanding its content. The right way to approach it would be to get some tutoring and approach it with curiosity. Some in-depth discussions about case studies can spark ideas in your mind that can help you give your best in your assignment. 

Key Components:

Market Entry Strategies: Modes of entering foreign markets, including exporting, licensing, joint ventures, and wholly-owned subsidiaries.
Global Marketing: Tailoring marketing strategies to fit diverse international markets, considering cultural, economic, and social differences.
Supply Chain Management: Efficient coordination of production, distribution, and logistics on a global scale.

Drivers of International Business:

Globalization: Increasing interconnectedness of economies and markets.
Technological Advances: Facilitates communication, collaboration, and global operations.
Market Opportunities: Tapping into new customer bases and revenue streams.

Types of International Business Strategy:

Global Standardization: Offering standardized products or services across multiple markets to achieve economies of scale.
Localization/Adaptation: Tailoring products, marketing, and strategies to suit the specific needs and preferences of local markets.
Transnational Strategy: Combining elements of both standardization and adaptation for a flexible and integrated approach.

Risk Management:

Political Risk: Assessing and mitigating risks associated with political instability and government policies.
Economic Risk: Managing risks related to currency fluctuations, economic downturns, and market volatility.
Cultural and Social Risk: Understanding and adapting to cultural nuances and social differences in various markets.

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Some common themes in International Business Strategy courses are

  • Core strategic imperatives, organisational challenges and managerial implications within the context of a multinational organisation (MNE)
  • Corporate Strategy and National Competitiveness
  • International market entry strategies
  • International Diversification Strategies
  • Strategic risk management strategies in foreign markets
  • Multinational Strategies and the Global value chain
  • Responsibility in Global Business
  • Global strategic management

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Popular Assignments for International Business Strategy assignments:

IBUS301 - Fundamentals of International Business Strategy
IBUS401 - Global Strategic Management
IBUS402 - International Business Environment Analysis
IBUS403 - Multinational Corporate Strategy
IBUS404 - Global Market Entry Strategies
IBUS405 - International Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
IBUS406 - Cross-Cultural Management and Strategy
IBUS407 - Global Supply Chain and Operations Strategy
IBUS408 - International Marketing Strategy
IBUS409 - International Human Resource Management Strategy
IBUS410 - International Corporate Governance and Ethics
IBUS411 - International Entrepreneurship and Strategy
IBUS412 - Emerging Markets Business Strategy
IBUS413 - International Business Strategy Simulation
IBUS414 - International Business Strategy Capstone Project

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