Investigating the Adoption of Technology Innovation

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Assessment Brief

OverviewIn the rapidly evolving landscape of innovative technologies, the initial success of adoption often fails to sustain over time, leading to setbacks in their long-term implementation. Understanding the factors that drive or impede sustainable adoption is crucial for devising effective strategies towards continued success.

This final assignment integrates accumulated knowledge from course modules with critical thinking to comprehensively analyse and address challenges in the sustainable adoption of technology. Students are tasked with selecting one or a combination of the following topics:

·         Gamification

·         Generative AI

This assignment aims to foster critical analysis, strategic thinking, and the application of learned concepts to real-world scenarios of technological adoption and diffusion.

Learning Outcomes

The targeted Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) for this assessment are:

·         CLO1: Manage business innovation and technology challenges in business both nationally and internationally.

·         CLO2: Research and evaluate data to inform and support decision making that contributes to the effective management of technology, change and innovation. 

·         CLO3: Reflect on the knowledge and skill required of managers to make ethical and sustainable business decisions in relation to technology and innovation.

·         CLO4: Construct and present effective oral and written forms of professional communication

Marking Criteria

This assessment will measure your ability to:

·         Recognises the impact of current and emerging technology and the digital economy on the future of business (30%)

·         Applies critical thinking and evidence to challenge assumptions and contestable perspectives (30%)

·         Use of evidence and examples (20%)

·         Communicate effectively (20%)

o    Write using an appropriate style while using an appropriate structure (5%)

o    Use correct grammar (5%)

o    Provide appropriate referencing (5%)

Assessment Details

Your task involves creating a technology assessment report to cover the following:

1.      Assess the Chosen Technology and its Applications: Provide a comprehensive overview of the selected technology, including its current state, applications across industries, and notable achievements.

2.      Examine the Technology Adoption and Diffusion Process: Conduct an in-depth analysis of the adoption journey, highlighting key stages, successes, setbacks, and the technology's impact on various sectors.

3.      Critical Analysis of Enablers and Barriers to Implementation Success: Identify and critically evaluate internal and external factors influencing the successful implementation of the technology.

4.      Suggest Solutions to Overcome Barriers and Strengthen Enablers: Propose actionable strategies and solutions to mitigate identified barriers and enhance enablers for sustained adoption.

5.      Explore Future Technology Adoption: Discuss potential future trajectories, emerging trends, and anticipated advancements in the technology's adoption.

6.      Recommendations for Stakeholders and Final Remarks: Offer strategic recommendations directed towards relevant stakeholders, emphasizing proactive measures for successful and sustainable technology adoption.

Recommended Structure

·         Introduction (200 to 300 words)

·         Evaluation of Current Technology Adoption (400 to 600 words)

·         Situation Analysis (500 to 700 words)

·         Barriers and Enablers to Technology Adoption (300 to 550 words)

·         Internal barriers

·         Internal enablers

·         External barriers

·         External enablers

·         Solutions to Overcome Barriers and Strengthen Enablers (300 to 500 words)

·         Exploration of Future Technology Adoption (300 to 500 words)

·         Recommendations for Stakeholders and Final Remarks (500 to 700 words)

·         References (Excluded from Word Count)

·         Appendices (Excluded from Word Count)

Assessment 3 Slides Pack: MTI Final Assessment (S1 2024) .pptxDownload MTI Final Assessment (S1 2024) .pptx

Submission format

The assessment will be submitted in Canvas as a file upload.


If you have any questions, check course materials to see if they have already been answered. If not post your question or alternatively ask your teacher in your workshops.


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