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Kinetic Education

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Are you looking for ways to make your educational experience more powerful and effective? You’ve come to the right place. Kinetic education is a powerful and innovative way of learning that can transform your education and help you gain the skills you need to succeed.

What is Kinetic Education and How does it Work?

Kinetic education is an exciting and powerful learning method that is gaining traction in educational circles. It’s a methodology that encourages and rewards active engagement with the material and encourages students to actively participate in their learning process. Kinetic education is based on the idea that students learn best when they are actively engaging in their own learning process and are encouraged to take ownership of their learning.

Kinetic Education is a modern teaching and learning strategy that emphasises the active participation of the learner in the educational process. The concept of Kinetic Education is to engage students through movement and physical activity. It is based on the idea that physical activity and movement can help to stimulate the brain, improve problem-solving skills, and increase concentration and focus.

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How does it Work?

Tutoring Lounge follows a 3 steps procedure to help students who come to us for help.

Step 1: Student Assessment

We assessed each student across multiple years of the curriculum to find any knowledge gaps which could be holding the student back. This is a very important stage of the tutoring process as this assessment is used in later stages to help the student overcome these limitations.

Step 2: Personalised Learning

In this stage, we use the results of the assessment to design a lesson plan, especially for the student. Every Monday our tutors use instructional skills to update our lesson plan and give the student a list of activities for the week to complete. There are three stages of the student plan: Revision and catch-up, consolidation and practice and extension which is the stage where the students start to progress ahead of the class and school becomes easier for them.

Step 3: Tutor Support

If even our lesson plans are not enough and students require more help, if they are stuck on a question or they just don’t seem to get something, they can always contact our friendly tutor to help them.

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The Benefits of Kinetic Learning for Students

There are many benefits of using kinetic education in your learning:

  • Kinetic education encourages active learning. It stimulates the body and the mind, making learning more engaging.
  • It encourages creative problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • Kinetic education can help students process information more effectively.
  • It can improve memory and retention.
  • It can help students focus and stay motivated.
  • It is great for group work, as it encourages collaboration and teamwork.

Including kinetic activities in your lesson plans

Integrating movement into the classroom is one of the best methods to support an active lifestyle and maintain student focus. Over the past few decades, recess and physical education time have been significantly reduced, leaving many students with few opportunities to engage in physical activity. And if there are kinesthetic students who require your help then finding good kinetic activities can prove to be a fruitful experience. 

Many teachers are left wondering if they got their message across or if the students receive it in a way that will help them in the future. By employing kinesthetic learning techniques in the classroom, you have a unique and valuable opportunity to not only make the lesson more engaging and fun but to test your teaching method in real-time. by organising an activity or asking students to participate in an in-class project, you can find the areas students are struggling in and the areas in which they are succeeding. This also helps with future lesson plans and to see if a certain topic or subject requires a bit more time before moving to other topics.

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