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Hey, it's me, Kiran Tariq, I graduated from the Institute of Business Administration with a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in finance. I have been working with students for around 5 years now, in different fields, especially Business and Finance related Subjects. Majorly helping students in Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, International Finance, or International Business. I’m usually available online and can meet in person, depending on the location and work commitments. Moreover, I help students with writing research papers, editing and proofreading their Research proposals, Literature Reviews, Case Studies, and Thesis, or research papers in their respective fields. I am also providing services with Edvise Hub which is an education consultant company in Australia and Pakistan, where I myself, successfully present as an Education Consultant. From basic career advice to students of all academic levels, I take it all with my experience and years of knowledge to successful acceptance rates. I can be reached for a mentoring, career consultation, tutoring, and Academic work.

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