Knowing That One Foot Equals 12 Inches, You Are To Write Two Python Functions, One Named Feet_to_inches And The Other…

Knowing that one foot equals 12 inches, you are to write two python functions, one named feet_to_inches and the other named inches_to_feet that accept a number of feet or a number of inches as an argument and returns the appropriate number in inches or feet. For example, if the user enters 10 feet, the program should return 120 inches. Or, if the user enters 60 inches, the program should return 5 feet. Use the functions in a program that prompts the user to enter the number of feet or the number of inches and then displays the number of inches in that many feet or the number of feet in that many inches. Additional Requirements •Your program must have a header stating your client’s company Harry’s Contracting and a subtitle better describing the program. •Your program must have a brief statement about what the program does and directions for the user. •Your program must have a main function that calls other function(s) •Your output should not have more than two decimal places. •Your program must ask the user if there are additional measurements they would like to enter so that the program will automatically run again

Expert's Answer

copyable code: def feet_to_inches(feet):     return 12.00 * feet def inches_to_feet(inches):     return inches / 12   def main():     print("client company

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