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Language Courses Tutoring

Tutoring designed in such a way to meet your goals.


Language Courses Tutoring

Language Courses Tutoring

Not everyone has good English, specially those who have migrated to Australia from countries that have their own language. We totally understand that how difficult it is for someone to communicate who never went to English medium school or hardly had a chance to speak with others in English.

That’s why our approach towards teaching English is a little bit different. We start with the basics and than we move on to other stages. However, regardless of your educational background or comfortable level with English we have to assess your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Not every one would need the same level of assistance with their English language, as some might only need help with speaking and some may need more help with writing. Depending on your individual circumstances, your tutor will help you with your language learning.

Language learning classes can take place at your home, libraries, Universities, workplace, tutor’s home or if it’s a group session it can be organized in our office. Language tutors at tutoring lounge are highly professionals and experienced tutors; they will work with you so that you can improve your overall English in the most cost efficient and timely manner.


Our goal is to:

  • Make you confident in using English
  • To be able to participate in various social groups
  • To have the confidence at your work place
  • To increase your fluency and comprehension


Tutoring sessions can be organized with mutual consent of client and tutor, location and time can be finalised that would suit both. Our tutors are happy to hold sessions at your place, at tutors place, in a local nearby café, at Tutoring Lounge i.e. on the corner of Bourke & Spencer St.

As for the time and days, it all depends on the preference of client and the availability of tutor. Since, we don’t have any set programs related to language tutoring, hence we don’t have any set timetable.



The frequency of the language learning depends on your goal, how early you want to improve your language. It also depends how much assistance you need with language. For someone with very little expertise on English or any other international language would require more classes and will take more time to learn as compare to others. Tutoring sessions can be of 1 hour or up to 2 hours, however if the tutor has to visit the student at his/her place than our preference would be to have at least 2-hour session.


Individual & Group Sessions

Tutoring Lounge is not like other language institute where the primary focus is to provide language courses, Monday to Friday. At tutoring lounge, we believe in providing more customized services to our clients, and that is why we don’t offer language tutoring for big groups. Either it be one-to-one or can be in a group of not more than 4 people. Our focus is to help you learning the language you need help with in the most comfortable manner as possible.


Have a look on the infographics below to see what are the benefits of language learning

Language Courses Tutoring

Language Courses Tutoring


At tutoring Lounge we offer language tuitions in small and friendly environment, where our primary focus is our students. We have language tutors from different backgrounds who have the ability of native-speaking so they can help you with the language you want to learn.