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Leadership Tutoring Service

Leadership studies is an academic field that explores the nature, development, and effectiveness of leaders and leadership. It covers a wide range of topics, including leadership theory, leadership development, leadership styles and behaviour, and leadership in different contexts. Leadership studies is a relatively new field, and it is still emerging. As such, there is no definitive approach to leadership studies. Instead, scholars take a variety of approaches, including psychological, sociological, economic, and political.

Topic Covered by Our Leadership Tutoring Service

Our service cover topic related to management studies and other MBA courses in our Leadership Tutoring Service. Some of the topics we cover are as follows:

Liberal Arts Approaches to Leadership

Leadership Theories and Practices

Developing, leading and managing people

Instructional Leadership and Assessment

Personnel and Strategic Planning

Business, Finance and Operations

Institutional Advancements

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Theories in Leadership

Leadership is a topic that has been studied for centuries. There are many different theories of leadership here are two different theories of leadership that have been proposed over the years:

The Trait Theory

The trait theory of leadership states that there are certain traits that make a person a good leader. This theory suggests that leaders are born, not made. If you have the right traits, then you have the potential to be a great leader.

The Behavioral Theory

The behavioural theory of leadership states that it is not the traits that make a person a good leader, but rather their actions and behaviours. This theory suggests that leaders are made, not born. Anyone has the potential to become a great leader if they learn and display the right behaviours.

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Popular Assignments & Subjects for Leadership

Here are some popular Leadership assignment topics and associated course codes that students often seek tutoring assistance with:

MGT2101 - Foundations of Leadership

MGT3201 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior

MGT3202 - Leading Teams and Managing Diversity

MGT3203 - Strategic Leadership and Change Management

MGT3204 - Ethical Leadership and Corporate Governance

MGT3205 - Leadership in the Digital Age

MGT3206 - Cross-Cultural Leadership and Global Mindset

MGT3207 - Leadership Development and Coaching

MGT3208 - Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation

MGT3209 - Leadership Capstone: Emerging Issues and Challenges

Subjects Covered:

Introduction to leadership theories, styles, and practices

Leadership and organizational behavior concepts

Leading and managing teams, group dynamics, and diversity

Strategic leadership, vision-setting, and leading organizational change

Ethical decision-making, corporate governance, and responsible leadership

Impact of digital transformation on leadership roles and practices

Cross-cultural leadership and developing a global mindset

Leadership development, coaching, and mentoring techniques

Entrepreneurial leadership and fostering innovation

Emerging leadership challenges and contemporary issues (e.g., sustainability, crisis management)

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