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Upon close analysis of the provided scenario in the introduction of the assignment, the library management system described required some necessary attributes to be associated with the data objects to make some operations to be carried out easily. These functions being, searching of the book collections – based on author name, book title and genre. Furthermore, the system would also be able to perform common functions such as add, delete or modifications of book details. 

To understand these functions and perform the operations we can take a look at the multiple versions of the excel spreadsheet.  In the first version of the excel sheet we created the data object of Books which have the attributes of book id, title, author, genre, and publisher. The book id attribute will help in uniquely identifying each book along with the combination of title, author, and genre which can be used in order to perform search operations. The combination of these 3 fields is important for searches for a few reasons. For example, we might have a book of a particular genre, let’s assume science for now. Then it could be possible that we might more than one science book in the branch of physics having the same name, this may make our search inconclusive (in the sense the search will return multiple search results). Therefore, even if these books have the same title and genre, they would be having a different author which is why it is a good idea to allow searches using all 3 attributes of title, genre and author.

Moving on, the next few functions required by the computerized library management system to make recording things easier was to add and update book details. In the second version of the excel spreadsheet (V1.1) it can be seen that 2 updated records (highlighted in blue) have used the update function provided by the computerized management system in order to edit the genre details of the books. These books were already under the data science genre and added to the recently bought collection of programming related books in the library. Furthermore, 5 more fields of data has been added to the Book data object as new book have entered the system increasing the overall collection. The books have been added into the system using the add operation and this change in the system can be seen visually in the 2nd version of the excel sheet (V1.1) from records 11 – 15 (highlighted in yellow).

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