MEH505 Mental Health

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This assessment aims to assist you critically assess the strengths and limitations of different models for explaining the most common mental health issues (problems?) clients bring to counselling. You are required to question the information and opinions presented in the debate between those who support the medical model of mental illness and those who support the psychosocial model. You should demonstrate your understanding of the different assumptions and evidence that inform these two models. This assessment tests your ability to examine the evidence and present a clear argument.


Write a 2,000 word report which critically analyses the medical and psychosocial models of mental illness and their application to explain the problems people bring to counselling and inform decisions about the appropriate counselling model for the client.


You will critically analyse the following extract taken from the below mentioned report.

By presenting emotional and behavioural problems as symptoms of mental disorder, medicalisation and diagnosis help obscure the role of social and interpersonal factors in distress and make it much more difficult to understand people’s problems in the context of their lives and relationships (Johnstone et al., 2018, p. 30).

APA Reference: Johnstone, L., Boyle, M., Cromby, J., Dillon, J., Harper, D., & Kinderman, P. et al. (2018). The Power Threat Meaning Framework: Towards the identification of patterns in emotional distress, unusual experiences and troubled or troubling behaviour, as an alternative to functional psychiatric diagnosis. Leicester: British Psychological Society.

The following is a basic report structure that can be used to successfully complete this assessment task.

  • Introduction – provide background information on the context of the above mentioned quotation and define terms such as medicalisation and social and interpersonal
  • Body of Report – Ensure that you consider the following questions:
    • How does the medical model of mental illness assist counsellors in their work?
    • What are the key assumptions underpinning the medical model?
    • What alternative models may be useful in counselling?
    • Is a mental illness equivalent to a physical illness?
    • What roles do social and interpersonal factors have in mental distress?
  • Conclusion – Summarise the key arguments that you have presented in your report and come to some conclusion about the comparative value of the two models. You can also discuss any area that has been identified as requiring further research or investigation and how this will work to improve or change your understanding of the
  • References – Provide a reference list using only academic sources. You will need to list them in alphabetical order using the surname of the author as per the APA format. Please ensure that you list all the resources you have used throughout the report, including any items in the
  • Appendix – include information that you may have referred to specifically throughout your report, but were unable to include directly into the report (usually

due to limited word count). You need to ensure that anything you include here is clearly titled.

Assessment criteria can be accessed in the assessment rubric which follows the Academic Integrity Declaration

Written report parameters

  • A title page with
    • Assignment title
    • Your first and last name
    • Student ID
    • Word count (excluding headings, in-text citations and tables)
    • Unit submitted for
    • Lecturer/Facilitator
  • An academic integrity statement
  • APA report writing style
  • A running header
  • Page numbers
  • Double spacing
  • Font size 12 minimum
  • Reference list
  • Word count is 2000 words (+/- 10%)
  • All references must be APA format
    • You must reference all material that is someone else’s material or


It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing here:

Submission Instructions

Save your report using the following naming convention: MEH505_A_Jones_Assessment_1.pdf Submit your report via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in MEH505: Mental Health. Your Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.


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