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Who We Are?

If you are confused and overwhelmed with your upcoming interview and find it hard to understand how to go on about it. Tutoring Lounge Mentoring Services is here to help you be the best on the day of your interview.

Our role is to help you understand the job requirements and to ensure that you are capable enough to fulfill those requirements and guide you through the process of the interview.

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How do we do that?

We do that by keeping ourselves updated on the latest requirements in different industries. We are well-versed in almost all industries and job descriptions so we can help different candidates from different educational backgrounds. We will guide them through every step of the interview with precision and clarity. We will give them a comprehensive idea of what an employer is looking for in an employee and how to tackle anything unexpected thrown at them during the interview.

The Purpose of an Interview

An interview is a formal conversation between a candidate that has applied for a job and a representative of an employer. The interviewer, generally a hiring manager or recruiter, poses a series of questions to assess the candidate's expertise and experience.

Depending on the role and the industry, there could be several rounds before they come to a decision if the candidate is what they are looking for. The first interview is technically very important, each part of the interview is important but getting through the first one means the candidate has something that the employer wants. Candidates strive to perform well in the interview which is why turning to a mentoring service is best for someone who is freshly out in the industry to increase the likelihood of them receiving a job offer.

Things to Keep in Mind while Preparing for an Interview

Drape yourself with Confidence

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” 

In order to be confident you need to be fully prepared, so do your research on the company and read the job description thoroughly to know what are the requirements. This will give you the confidence you need and believe me it plays a major role in any interview. So wear your smile, be prepared, dress appropriately and show the world who you are.

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Learn the Art of Storytelling

How you present your ideas can make a huge difference and can make you stand out among the crowd. To do that, use the art of storytelling and structure your opinion as a story so that the person doesn’t lose interest and can get a chance to see your creative side as well. (but remember not to overdo it)

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Tutoring Lounge professional tutors go through a rigorous selection and training process called a tutoring academy. Only 5% of applicants are good enough to become qualified Tutors.

You can rest assured that only the best tutor will teach you and guide you regarding your subject.

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Ask Questions

Asking questions can show the interviewer how curious and well-prepared you are about the interview.

Look you and I both know no one can answer every question that the interviewer asks and that is not even the aim of the interviewer. What matters to them is your attitude while answering every question. So if you are asked a question that you can’t answer, stop and don’t panic rather tell them that you will try to explore this area more. This shows that you are willing to learn.

You make your first impression by your resume on the interviewer. So make sure that you know exactly what is written in it. You should be able to explain your internships, project or certification of yours.

Top Most Common Questions Asked in an Interview

Let's start by answering some of the most common questions:

This is a warm up question and a chance to make an impactful first impression. Be prepared to describe yourself in a few sentences. Things you can include:

  • Your past job experience and how they relate to the current job
  • How your experience connects with the job you are being interviewed for
  • Two of your strengths
  • Personal attributes, like an interest or a hobby

The majority of these things are about your past job experience with a little dash of personal life added into the mix at the end of your response. Try to keep your answer to two to four minutes

This is a very crucial question for your interview so you have to prepare for it in advance by researching the company. Look for company-specific information on their website and social media pages. Focus on the company’s mission statement, its value, and the ‘About us” page.  To learn more about the company’s culture or outreach program, explore employee-specific posts on social media. Now what you have to do is combine all this information with your relatable skills to demonstrate your preparedness and enthusiasm for the company.

This question is to see how well you operate during moments of stress. Think of a time when you had an impossible deadline or any problem that happened with your work. Explain the problem, how you tackle it and how you stayed calm throughout in order to find a solution.

This is another common interview question where the interviewer asks about your five-year plan. Including the company in the five-year plan will be a good idea, so promote your commitment to the company while emphasising growth opportunities.

You can specifically focus on these things to craft a response:

  • Job-related goals
  • Potential experiences within the company over the next five years
  • Any certification, skills or degree you might want to obtain
  • Aspirations for growth within the job role you are applying to

Typically this question is asked at the end of an interview and it is highly tempting to say “No” but that is the wrong course of action.  This question allows you to show how serious and interested you are in the position. So ask away any question that could make you seem interested and passionate to the hiring manager. Some of the questions you can ask include:

  • Could you tell me about a typical workday here?
  • How does the company evaluate job performance?
  • Can you list some of the challenges faced in this position?
  • Can you provide me with an example of a project that I will work on if I am hired?

Why Online Tutoring Assistance for Mentoring Service?

While attending college, students face numerous challenges. Their academic life is complicated by these problems.  If you are one of them who can relate, Tutoring Lounge offers its online tutoring service to you.

  • You don't understand your subject
  • You have part-time work and don't have enough time.
  • You are lagging behind your classmates.