MGMT3002 Managing Change - Assignment 3

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Group Presentation

See Assessment Schedule for submission day/time - according to your own TUTORIAL SESSIONS

  • MAXIMUM 10 min group presentation [Groups of three] {Grps of 4 – 12 min}.
    • Penalties apply for going over-time.
  • Delivered in your tutorial Session - Each student must participate equally in preparation and delivery.  
  • A Peer Review Mark to be completed after this Assessment – accounting for the remaining 10% outlined in the Assessment Schedule. It refers to A2 and A3 group work.
  • All presentation notes must be named and accompany your PP submission to Turnitin.
  1. a) Structure:
  • Your Power Point Presentation relates to a Case Study provided.
  • maximum of 6 content slides. (Cover page and References may be extra).
  • Each slide focuses on significant aspects of your learning, requires evidence of research and good presentation skills. {See tips and hints provided in Assessments}
  1. b) Purpose: To use referenced Change Management theory and concepts to:
  2.    To demonstrate your ability to synthesise theory and concept learned in this Unit, and apply      

       to a Case provided.  (A voice-over accompanies the presentation for on-line students).

  1.   To analyse the Case provided and use theory and concepts learned this Semester to demonstrate your understanding of the theories associated with the discipline of change management.

  2. c) Format
  • Slides are to be clear (Font min 20, TNR) {see Blackboard for tips and hints on Slide prep}.
  • Careful, practical and professional use of colour scheme / font size and use of space is very important. Each student to deliver equally in the presentation.
  • All presentation notes from all students need to be NAMED and best added to the bottom of each slide.
  • Referencing must use the Chicago Version 17b referencing style


  • No executive summary is required – but an Introduction to Case and Team is.
  • Each speaker should conclude their section by linking to next speaker and direction of content (Handover).
  • A short concluding statement is required by the final speaker.
  • Students who demonstrate the ability to synthesise their supporting theory will achieve higher grades.
  1. d) Submission:
  • One student to submit their group’s work to Turnitin.
  • Submissions must include student notes for the Slides – these are not marked for grammar or other – they are your notes – but they provide evidence of preparation and effort and are a very good back-up if exceptional circumstances prevent you presenting on the dayPlease include notes below each slide.
  • NAMES on your individual notes clearly please.

e).  Source requirements:

  • At least TEN (10) credible reference sources, correctly cited and referenced. Refer to your Unit Outline above for advice on acceptable sources.
  • Use the Chicago Version 17b referencing style to acknowledge your sources of information and follow Tutorial Tips for correct case referencing.
  1. Assignment 3  Marking Criteria:

Please refer to Blackboard and use your RUBRIK to guide your best responses.

  • Assignment is to be submitted electronically to Turnitin by ONE student.
  • IT IS UP TO YOU TO ENSURE THIS IS A POWER-POINT USER-FRIENDLY style that all Tutors can open and access – this includes easy access to the VOCAL recording on On-Line submissions.
  • All students must attend all presentations to be eligible to receive a Peer Review grade.
  • Curtin Graduate Capabilities addressed: 1 - 6.

4:  PEER REVIEW SUBMSSION – 10%:   follows immediately and allows students to recognise their Team’s efforts for both A2 and A3.

  • PLEASE note: Students who omit to submit a Peer Review receive no grades at all.
  • Unexplained absence from the either of the two weeks of presentations, will null your opportunity for a Peer Review Grade.
  • SUBMISSION date (see Assessment Schedule)
  • FORMAT IS PROVIDED in Week 13.

A3 TASK:  Please note: Students are NOT to further research this Case – evidence of any added material will be disqualified.

Use your understandings of Change Management theories and concepts gathered during this Semester to respond to the following:

  1. Introduce your team, your topic and briefly explain the path of discussion to follow.
  2. Clearly outline THREE Drivers for change evident in the Case – select the most appropriate of the following Perspectives for your theoretical basis: Resource; Systems; Rational; Cultural; Political.
  • a) Describe, using Organisational Developmental theory – what was missing from the culture that had developed at NASA during this period (justify using Case / theory-based evidence).


  1. b) Referring to Warner-Burke’s Action Research process, what do you feel is the one most important aspect missing from NASA’s organisational development process of Management? (justify using case / theory-based evidence)
  2. In the study of Change Management and resistance to change, we focus on four different key resisters to change. Select any two and use Case evidence and theory to describe how those resisters impacted the NASA organisation and the subsequent disaster that occurred.
  3. Use Wilson (2001) or Jones et al (2006) to describe the Culture that NASA was exhibiting in the lead-up to the Columbia Disaster (please ref to Lecture notes for reference points).
  4. Referring to the link between resistance to change and Ethics, explain what you believe to be the main ethical issue that became apparent because the resistance was ignored?”


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